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What is the difference between demisexual, pansexual, sapiophile and sapiosexual? Are you related to one of these?image

I'm Demisexual
I'm Pansexual
I'm Sapiophile
I'm Sapiosexual
None of the above

7 Answers


Demisexual means you are only turned on sexually by someone to whom you have a deep emotional attachment.

Pansexual means you can be turned on by (nearly) anyone.

As far as I know, sapiophile and sapiosexual are almost synonymous, except perhaps that sapiosexual leans more toward physical attraction to someone of high intelligence, whereas sapiophile may include broader feelings of attraction, not necessarily only sexual ones.

According to these tests,

I am barely demisexual (I scored 61 points, 60 qualifies).:)


I am not pansexual (I scored 39 points, 60 qualifies). :)


I fall short of sapiosexual (I scored 71 points, 75 qualifies) :O


None of the above

I don't know all of these terms but I know that I just like women! Yessiree! Me likee!

None of the above

I'm not into these different sexuality types. I'm a lady attracted to men only....  Whorephile....

Quentin Milliet

I am a sapiophile
 image image


None of the above
I have never heard for this words. 

Transtesticles??? :D

TheOtherTink Hitman


TheOtherTink Hitman

You're trans??!?!!  :O

Say it ain't so, Hitman!  :D

Hitman Hitman

TINK!!! Tain't so and I'll kick anyones ass that says different! :D :D

TheOtherTink Hitman

:D :D :D