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I didn't see it.  It got so-so reviews.

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Yeah, after I watched it? It was OK. Jared Leto was the best in it as the "Joker" but he didn't have a big part. Will Smith was his usual...Ho Hum.


No, I did not have the occasion to watch it.

Lol - and seeing the "so so", "ho hum" reactions here (a bit like in Europe) and a trailer video with "too many interruptions" - even if it is due to connection problems - is not really inspiring.

Furthermore, opinions or assessments disagree:




And I must say, nowadays, the word "suicide" is reminding too much of a long series of tragic suicides related to terrorism, crimes, harassment, etc. - and other cases of abuse or neglect.


Didn't see it and don't plan to either. Suicide is a horrible thing, no matter what.