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No, I never quite got that far.  The boat sank near Abandaga, but fortunately some Somali pirates came along and rescued us.

Had to pay a big ransom to get home, however. :(

Dan TheOtherTink

At least, you didn't encounter a sea monster.image:wassat:

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

Nah, it wasn't near Loch Ness.  :D

Marianne TheOtherTink


Lol - a good one. :D:D:D

Marianne TheOtherTink


Will you tell Goranko and Bruno?





I live in New England...North East USA...the furthest I've traveled is to the West Coast.


Lol - your April Fools' Day joke came too late - and I am late too:


But I found this video:


Dan Marianne

The video was made a year ago I guess.

Marianne Marianne


Yes, this was one of the jokes of last year. Lol, I wonder how many people fell for it.

One of the best April Fools'n Day jokes of last year (which I found among quite a few others) was that of the Parisian Métro stations.


Some translations were not quite precise, but the humour is safe - lol.

And there was also one about "Swedenland" - lol.