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Clover Honey or Wildflower Honey

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Apr 27, 2017 in Miscellaneous ♑ by Ladyhorse (352 points)

Which is better and why?

2 Answers

Virginia Apr 28, 2017

Hi Ladyhorse,

As far as I know, the only real difference among different honeys is their flavor, along with colours, of course...clover being the very most popular one. Wildflower honey seems to mean just about any honey from a mix of wildflowers, rather than one specific flower. So the flavour as well as colour can vary greatly.

If you get the opportunity, do try some honey from's quite unique and delightful, a tall spike of pinkish flowers that like to grow in open forestland of the Pacific Northwest, where I was born. Fireweed is often one of the early plants to move in after a forest fire, thus its name!

When I lived on Mt. Baker in Washington State, one beekeeper would even haul in his hives each summer for several weeks as the fireweed bloomed on my friend's homestead, just to get that special honey!

Got a link for you...

Ladyhorse Virginia Apr 28, 2017

Hi Virginia,

Thank you for your reply. I had only noticed two types of honey in the hubs likes it in his tea but I always stayed away from it (more calories) because I had read it was just empty calories. I can't get out as much as I used to so I have to get what is quick and convenient. I bought one of each to try because I had read that it is good treatment for sepsis. 

I just happened to be up 'cause of my heart racing and being short of breath. I wanted to look up the "formula/recipe" again on EC ( and saw your answer so I thought I'd reply. EC is a great natural remedy site. Saved me many doctor visits. 

I had the honey clover here for hubs and had tried that but when I tried the wildflower honey I think it made me cough after awhile...don't know if it was the honey or just coincidence but about 1 am I took the clover honey again this morning with turmeric and garlic. Heart is calm now but I'm wide awake.

Virginia Virginia Apr 28, 2017

Take care of yourself, Dear Ladyhorse...I think I remember that you have successfully used lots of natural remedies!

Ladyhorse Virginia Apr 28, 2017

Thank you Virginia...I'll post more on your wall...

Ladyhorse Virginia Apr 29, 2017

I don't know why some posts are being removed here...I was cmag before ladyhorse and I was very mouthy about what the FDA was allowing and called them the Fool and Deceive Agency. I wanted to alert people to what I had been learning by the process of elimination, piecemeal for well over two decades as off the wall as it sometimes sounds...that's all. 

Here is information from a wife of one of my hubs fishing buddies so these are words from someone else that is aware of the crooked medical profession:

"The information we (the public) are fed is mostly propaganda and aimed at making money for a select few - certainly not the average citizen. I used to work for a cardiologist and was appalled at how much money drug companies had to throw around (which they lavishly showered on the docs so the doctors would promote their meds). Anyway, I could go on, but need to get to work. I admire you for overcoming your challenges and never giving up."

So, it is encouragement like this that makes me tenacious. 

Virginia Virginia Apr 29, 2017

Hi Ladyhorse, were you attempting to post through chat? I don't know how to use it, sorry...and time is limited when I come online so when I joined SOLVE I tried to turn it off anyway...

However I can tell you Yes, I worked in the medical profession. They should operate from the highest ideals of healing and they do not...very very sorrowful history.

* * *

Why don't you consider posting as a question, see if the others here have experience to share?

Ladyhorse Virginia Apr 29, 2017

I was only trying to help Rooster...but I think I drove him away...things that I try to share are not just off the wall guesses. He prefers to believe the doctor saying there is no cure. He will never know unless he tries and it is just not an overnight quick fix.

I don't know how to "appear" in chat...I guess there is something I didn't read...but when I send you something, you type where it says "type your message here" and then hit your "Enter" key. 

Virginia Virginia Apr 29, 2017

O, I see, but there is nothing like that in what came up; again, I did turn off the chat, maybe that is why...really cannot do chat so sorry, Ladyhorse.

Ladyhorse Virginia Apr 29, 2017

I am "available" in the "Chat Options" box but apparently not visible?? I'm probably doing something wrong. When you click the avatar that is in the box, the window pops up and "type your message here" is on the bottom. I don't know how to get my avatar to show up in the box though.

When you suggested posting as a question...I wouldn't know what to say...I have a hard time finding the right words...I frequently say the wrong thing in my urgency to communicate so I'm not going to try anymore. 

Virginia Virginia Apr 30, 2017

Ladyhorse, I have not finished reading your posts least, I think your have commented more elsewhere...but I also find the computer stuff kinda difficult to work with.

I hope that you do come more often to this site SOLVED; if you do find a way to phrase your questions, I would be very glad to post comments. The medical profession (like governments and other entities) is not living up to its potential, and I do think that discussion helps clarify for all of us what is going on.

Angela_Anthony Apr 28, 2017

I have to go with fruit blossoms as my grandparents raised bees and had numerous Apple trees, cherry trees, plum made the best honey, sure miss that!

Ladyhorse Angela_Anthony Apr 28, 2017

Thanks for your reply Angela...I tried the wildflower last night and I think it made me cough a couple hours later. Then I awoke at 1 am with my heart racing more than it has before and don't know if the honey had anything to do with it :'(. I took the clover at that time this morning then again tonight...maybe I'll try the wildflower tomorrow morning to rule it out or confirm it was the cause.

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