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Rooster I might actually choose California...except for all their population and congestion.

But...the beautiful Channel Islands, the Torrey Pines, the White Mountains with 5,000 y/o bristlecone pines, redwoods/sequoias, the mountains including Shasta, Death Valley, Mono Lake...Point Reyes National Seashore, Monterey Bay...California is breath taking.

Also, for some reason I do love New Mexico.


You have many beautiful and pleasant places to live on your side:


Hard to choose if you are not on site and can't make your own experiences in the different places.


Beautiful Wyoming. Much better than California! Beautiful state and much better than Maine where we used to live!

TheOtherTink Hitman

Yes, the Grand Tetons are something else:)

Rooster Hitman

@Tink : I know he'll say something as he lives in the far Southeast corner of Wyoming. Don't even know if he's been there yet. LOL

Virginia Hitman

Wyoming is exquisite, a wonderful choice, Hitman!

Marianne Hitman

Oh yes, I remember this old movie well:


TheOtherTink Hitman

@ Marianne:


Virginia Hitman

omg O'Tink, it's Jack Palance! I have always loved his acting...

Recently I discovered (um, duh?) there was a book to go along with the movie, and read it. But have not seen the movie since it came out 1953...

TheOtherTink Hitman

LOL, yes, he was the quintessential Bad Guy.  :D  I love his old movies.

You can watch the whole "Barabbas" movie at

Virginia Hitman

Arthur Kennedy and Katy Jurado! She took my breath away in HIGH NOON as a child...

I have known people to speculate that the old movies were better because more care taken with casting; certainly Jack Palance, Clint Eastwood, and Eli Wallach defined their respective roles in THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY, for example.

I will bookmark BARABBAS, and may indeed watch it.

TheOtherTink Hitman

Here's another biblical epic, in which Palance plays Simon Magus.  :D

Virginia Hitman

Hi O'Tink, that is a movie I think I am glad never to have even heard of! The fifties hairstyles may be the best part...

Looking it up, it did mark the movie debut of Paul Newman...also starred Virginia Mayo, I think she was married to Humphrey Bogart for a while, until he met Lauren Bacall...?

TheOtherTink Hitman

Hi, Virginia,

I've seen a lot of these epic movies from the 50s and 60s on Turner Classic Movies.  I find them hilariously campy.  :D

Virginia Hitman

OtherTink, based on that kind of recommendation, I may even put THE SILVER CHALICE on a to-watch list! Paul Newman later said it was the worst movie ever made in the Fifties...you gotta love that about it...

TheOtherTink Hitman

Yes Virginia, some movies are so bad, they're good.

That's true of a lot of the B science fiction movies from that era, like I Was a Teenage Werewolf.  :D

Do you recognize the star in the title role?  :D :D :D

Virginia Hitman

O'Tink, at first I did not recognize him...but then...Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie, Highway to Heaven!

TheOtherTink Hitman

Right you are, Virginia.  That teenager went far, for a werewolf.  :D

Marianne Hitman


Yes, of course, though the video is not available, I remember Alan Ladd, Van Heflin and Jean Arthur, and also Jack Palance as villain. :)

Marianne Hitman

@T(h)ink and Virginia

Yes - although I did not see the movie, the "teen" looked very "familiar":



On the other hand, I saw quite a few peplums and - what we call "spaghetti western movies", or some  old slapstick comedies, and some great humorists, like



Virginia Hitman

Oh Marianne...Harpo Marx...THAT brings memories!

Marianne Hitman

Sorry, T(h)ink, I could not open the video. But talking about Wyoming, I remember a novel, i.e. a trilogy, by Mary O'Hara "My Friend Flicka" (with breathtaking descriptions of the wild landscapes of Wyoming, and the portrayal of human and animal characters):



Marianne Hitman


Oh yes, he was probably the funniest of the whole "gang" - lol.


Yeah, Cali is nice.

If only there weren't so many lefty loons there, west of the San Andreas Fault. :D


Rooster TheOtherTink

@ Tink, I live in the foothills to the East of all that! Those looneys can stay where they are! LOL

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

Good for you, Rooster:)


Why California of course! Having said that, West Virginia is a beautiful state!



I live in California and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I live near Newport Beach in Orange County. I love the weather and even the lefty loons :)

Virginia HeyCameron!

Cameron, the weather is truly just exquisite. CA weather can feel like an extension of your skin!