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Is There a YouTube Video (or two) That Just Really Stands Out As Your All-Time Favourite?

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May 6, 2017 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Virginia (7,565 points)

This one I found several years back...some lovelorn swain posted his own plunky piano rendition of YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE, hoping to get the girl to come back.

Well his fickle ladylove left him in the lurch - but it wasn't long before his corny rendition had a million hits, plus lots of sympathy for his bereft here you have it, one of my favourites!

4 Answers

Angela_Anthony May 6, 2017

I just love any doggie videos, they're so cute!

Virginia Angela_Anthony May 6, 2017

Angela, aren't they precious...following the camera around...thank you!

Ladyhorse Angela_Anthony May 11, 2017

Virginia Angela_Anthony May 12, 2017

Ladyhorse that is just amazing, I enjoyed it!

btw, I got some tumeric today...not sure how to use it so I just put it into my ginger tea - I saw that tumeric is related to ginger!

TheOtherTink May 6, 2017

There are too many to pick out any particular one, but I find this excerpt hilarious.

Virginia TheOtherTink May 6, 2017

Oh...truly Hilarious...hi O'Tink!

Rooster May 7, 2017

This brings back memories! 

Angela_Anthony Rooster May 7, 2017

Aww....that's too cute!

Virginia Rooster May 7, 2017

Oh Rooster they are so funny...:P

Marianne May 7, 2017

These two, for instance, but there are many more:

TheOtherTink Marianne May 8, 2017

@ Marianne,

I've seen that happen to birds in Florida, when they ate overripe berries that had started fermenting. :D

Marianne Marianne May 10, 2017


Lol - that must have been hilarious.


TheOtherTink Marianne May 10, 2017

@ Marianne:

Lol, it was. They flew and walked erratically.  :D

Marianne Marianne May 10, 2017

Lol - here's an example:


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