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Sometimes you can be sitting and a thought just pops into your head, where do they come from?

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I don't know where they come from, but sometimes I wish they'd take a hike! 

katherine24 Angela_Anthony

Yes, I agree, especially when you are trying to sleep!


I don't know exactly how or why they pop into our heads, nor do I know where they go when we forget something, like "why did I just go to this room?"


Katherine, you have asked a 64-dollar question...because the source of our thoughts has to do with the nature of consciousness - which Western science has avoided studying, for the most part.

Here is what I myself do, it's something influenced by my Buddhist studies: first I look at my thoughts to see if they are wholesome, leading to health, peace, etc. (also to include fun, creativity, sense of humour...things like that). Then, sometimes I can myself figure out something about the source and decide upon more or less of that kind of thing!

katherine24 Virginia

A very interesting answer, I often think where on earth did that come from, or why?


From some people lately? I think their thoughts come out of their ass!