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Édouard Philippe is the new prime minister of France and he didn't had any political experience. He has married to Emmanuel Macron who was his drama teacher and older than him.


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Fuzzy Corona

Thank god France elected someone completely mediocre

Virginia Fuzzy Corona

Fuzzy Corona, would you be inclined to elaborate on that a bit? Why you would consider Philippe mediocre, and perhaps who you might think of as exceptional?


Hi Dan,

I don't know anything about him, but read on Yahoo News that "Philippe is sporty, multi-lingual and known to be an intellectual, but is also seen by some critics as aloof or even arrogant." He is fluent in German.

The article says he came up through a conservative republican route, while Macron was trained under Socialist President Francois Hollande. 

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I like that here on SOLVED I learn more about international affairs; you, Katherine, Marianne, and others too.


Marianne Virginia


Lol - you seem to be in a hurry too; did you read about "E. Philippe's marriage with E. Macron" ? (See the 2nd sentence of the question.) :O:ermm::angel::D

And here's some more info, by the way, both are rather young; they have similar backgrounds, are "Enarques" (ENA); they have been working in the private sector and in politics (but still rather new and not in "elected" position or office), and both have written books:



Virginia Virginia

Yes Marianne, I saw Dan's typo but I knew that is not what he meant...

Regarding Édouard Philippe, your links tend to support my initial impression of him, which was actually not all that positive...that is, people who try to govern others through intellect and privilege.

Great Britain before WWI was governed by an aristocracy whose credentials were largely their wealth, and the fact that their class was accustomed to running things...which they actually believed to be proper preparation. (Not to pick on England...happens often.) I think that system helped lead into the chaos of the Great War.

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Here is a cut-&-paste from the end of your second link; this kind of politician I believe happens all too often, and is not capable of successful governance...

"Critics have accused the ENA (where Philippe was educated) of educating a narrow ruling class who are prone to groupthink and averse to alternative perspectives....Peter Gumbel, a British academic, has claimed that France’s grande école system, and especially the ENA, has the effect of perpetuating an intellectually brilliant yet out-of-touch ruling elite." 

Marianne Virginia


You are right, like on your side, deeply stirred up and fragmented parties, groups and voters panicked. The ruling class is much the same; most are the heirs of aristocracy and of the super rich, lucky opportunists and social climbers, great talents and highly qualified professionals or business people from various sectors with the best relations and sponsors.

And they say that many of the greatest talents and celebrities are very difficult to deal with, for family, colleagues, employees and friends. History tells us that greed and extreme ambition kill the ability of sincere loving, of feeling empathy and respect.

By the way, did you dig out a former question with some of T(h)ink's hilarious rhymes regarding a certain politician?


Virginia Virginia

Marianne I DO enjoy looking through some of the old questions...and the rhymes from you and O'Tink are certainly enjoyable! However, I am not sure I saw the ones about a 'certain politician'...would like to though?

Marianne Virginia

Lol - some "oldies" are a delight.

I'll have to look it up. I think that you entered a comment there, lately.



Wait a minute, Dan - you wrote (or rather pasted):

"He has married to Emmanuel Macron who was his drama teacher and older than him ..."

Married to Macron - his drama teacher? - Lol - I couldn't help chuckling. You seem to have stumbled across a message with many translation errors - probably from an automatic translation programme or, perhaps, a tweet (and, you forgot to check) - or are you just kidding ? 



The younger one is Emmanuel Macron (aged 39), while Edouard Philippe is 46 - and he has some experience in politics, though he is relatively young and did not hold an "elected" position or office:








Dan Marianne
I mean his wife 'Edith Chabre' and I have mistyped it as 'Emmanuel Macron'.
Marianne Marianne

Lol - Dan - I know that it was an accident - but it was simply too funny. I think that our friend T(h)ink will notice it - lol.

Take it easy and slow down (I know that I keep repeating that to myself, but it is not so easy). Try the snail post:





I don't know much about Macron or Philippe, but they do seem to be yet another indication of public dissatisfaction with Establishment politics.

Marianne TheOtherTink


Exactly - lol.


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