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I'll go along with that! I hate liver! Yuk! My Dad used to make it and all three of us kids used to feed it to the dog when he wasn't watching. I haven't touched that or Spam in more tears than I can count! BARF!!!!

Angela_Anthony Rooster

I'm glad I was never made to eat it...my dog hated liver!

I don't blame the little guy or girl.


Angela, I was a very picky eater as a child...eventually in my sixties I finally learned to eat meat, I really needed it for health reasons. But yes, liver or any organ meat, as sweetbreads; or seafood - the most difficult foods for me are animal. 

And, apparently I was born that way...even before I was old enough to know what the food was, I was swallowing the mashed carrots but spitting out the scrambled eggs, for instance...

Angela_Anthony Virginia

Lately I've been tracking pretty closely what I eat, and although I like meat, I find that I have to try and include it! I'm a big fruit and veggies person!

Virginia Virginia

Times when I just really eat LOTS of vegetables, such as our harvests...oh you just feel SO good from them...


Chicken livers are ok, and so is pâté de foie gras (mostly goose liver), and imitations made from duck liver. But any other kind, except liverwurst?  YUK:ermm:


There are quite a few things which I do not like, but in most cases, it is the combination, the quality, certain ingredients, or the preparation method - and - sometimes, the aspect.

There have been, occasionally, some awkward tasting moments with certain specialties, which were not so appetising or tasted insipid, mouldy - lol - but liver was by far not the worst ...


TheOtherTink Marianne

@ Marianne,

I once tried pig's knuckles. Fortunately, the sample came from a buffet table, so I wisely made sure it was small.

The pig's knuckles were AWFUL:sick:  Never again.  :D

Tinkerbell Marianne

My hat's off to you for being brave enough to try that!

Marianne Marianne


Well, did you try that in Germany?

Did you refer to "Eisbein", "Jambonneau" or similar? Were they sweetened?

On my side, I don't like "sweet-and-sour" or "sweet-and-salty", like ketchup, or sweetened meat and fish, for instance.



In German:


Marianne Marianne

Lol, Tinkerbell, you can't judge things before you try them.


TheOtherTink Marianne

@ Marianne,

No, I tried these pig's knuckles at a Swedish smorgasbord. They were pickled, served cold, and had the consistency of rubber. :O :D 

I never tried the roasted German kind.

Marianne Marianne

Well, in your case, the preparation and the consumption in cold or hot state can have negative or positive effects. On my side, I had also some "negative" experiences - lol.

Maybe that you heard about the German "Eisbein" or "Schweinshaxe" (in France the "jambonneau"), which are hearty winter dishes, served warm, with Sauerkraut and potatoes, etc. They should not have the consistency of rubber.

I think that I would'nt even have tried it - lol. What I tried once at the buffet on the ferry between Stockholm and Helsinki was a kind of light fish mousse, probably smoked herring, and this preparation was delicious with bread or toasts (neither insipid, "fishy" nor too heavily spiced, just the perfectly "rounded" aroma). So, every country or region has its culinary highlights and some less tasty dishes.


TheOtherTink Marianne

@ Marianne,

Yes, indeed, and we tend to remember the best and the worst of them.  :D :D :D

Marianne Marianne


Yes, indeed - lol. :D:D:D


Anything made with mayonnaise or mustard! Yuck!!! Sushi also comes to mind, as well as mushrooms. Tuna is also a no-no......

Marianne Tinkerbell


Any mushrooms?

Tinkerbell Tinkerbell

No mushrooms for me.....yuck!

Marianne Tinkerbell


You must have made very bad experiences with mushrooms. But I hope that you can smile now.


The main one would be black liquorice. That candy is nasty.


@ ESS: I tasted calf's brains once when I was little. YUK!!!   Grayish, kinda tasteless (fortunately), with a consistency about like scrambled eggs. But it was mostly the idea of what I was eating that was unsettling.  :sick:

Sorry to hear that.