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Is Pat Condell a Racist?

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May 22, 2017 in Movies by TheOtherTink (21,060 points)

Only if common sense is racist.

2 Answers

Rooster May 23, 2017

Great video and so true! You can't hardly say anything nowadays and not get accused of something!

Marianne May 23, 2017

Now that you tell, I remember having seen such a video about racism by much controversed polemicist Pat Condell:

As far as I know, he is supporting populism, but he doesn't like the FN, and Marine Le Pen:

About Dieudonné (who is a hate mongerer)

About Pat Condell - his backgrounds and his past can explain very much:

He is absolutely sarcastic ...

If defining racism like he does, we are all (whatever our race or ethnicity) more or less racist, because it is part of the preoccupations of human nature to be filled with certain apprehensions, when facing an "unknown", different - eventually risky or unsafe - creature, zone or matter - which agrees with broad-scale psychological studies and conclusions.


TheOtherTink Marianne May 23, 2017

@ Marianne,

Yes, of course Condell is sarcastic, and a very talented comedian, making scathing fun of the PC liberal charade that has done Europe (and to a lesser extent, the US) so much harm. 

But his message is perfectly serious, and true.

In another clip, he rightly complains about laws that ban the truth. If the truth is illegal, then there is something drastically wrong with the law.

And yes, he is also against the lunatic Right, which only adds to his good-sense credentials.

Marianne Marianne May 23, 2017


Well - wow - smile. Yes, he is a talented comedian and has good arguments - scepticism is indeed justified, and that applies to all the sides. We know that "the way to hell is paved with good intentions." And I would add, that quite a few good intentions were misused by "bad intentioned" or wrongly informed people. 

I heard in the news, some hours ago, that Roger Moore has passed away, and last night, about the Manchester attack.

TheOtherTink Marianne May 23, 2017

@ Marianne,

Yes, now these savages are targeting little girls with their suicide bombers.

And the stinking politicians that made this possible in the first place have much innocent blood on their hands.

Marianne Marianne May 23, 2017


I can't find the words to say how upset I feel. 

Lately, I have watched a war movie, and I felt deeply stirred up inside, as I was reminded of some other people:

Did you happen to watch it?

TheOtherTink Marianne May 24, 2017

@ Marianne,

No, I haven't seen the movie, but I had heard of Zamperini.

Yes, It is good to forgive former enemies once the evil has been crushed, but it does have to be crushed first; one can't pretend, as too many in the West do, that it doesn't exist.

Marianne Marianne May 25, 2017


Yes, all these crime and terror organisations should be crushed. And there are too many arrogant, hate-mongering fake prophets spreading hate and violence, who should be locked away ...

Oh no, talking in blind anger has no sense - the head must be clear to deal with problems and find adequate solutions - and not lose hope.

The police services, anti-terror and similar special units having to deal with such crime organisations did not sleep; they should not be forgotten:

TheOtherTink Marianne May 25, 2017

@ Marianne,

Interesting lists.  In the first reference, the number of foiled plots increased dramatically in 2015 and 2016, indicating an increase in terrorist activity in those years.

Marianne Marianne May 26, 2017

Yes, indeed, and I am not surprised. For too long, hate mongerers and false prophets had an easy game.

One example:

TheOtherTink Marianne May 26, 2017

Twenty years to catch him? 

I hope they do better than that with his 300 followers.
Marianne Marianne May 27, 2017

Sadly enough, the Justice system is subject to rules, which are hampering investigations and collecting evidence. And big money has too often a lot of influence.

TheOtherTink Marianne May 27, 2017

What does the big money want?  The cheap labor, and damn the consequences? :angry:

Marianne Marianne May 28, 2017

Exactly, T(h)ink - they are forging ahead, regardless of the consequences.



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