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I live in Donald Trump country, the conservative timber outback of Washington State...and since before the election, I would hear these rumors of attempted takeover of the US government. Some people believed it was a group called the Foreign Relations Committee, and the Democrats were certain to win the presidency because these powerful folks wanted Hillary Clinton.

So it is now seen as very hopeful that Trump won, the little people going out to vote, standing up for democracy against this cabal. Then I just heard it again yesterday...the cabal being 13 families who seek world domination, and Donald Trump is our best hope to thwart such dark aspirations.

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I myself don't pay much attention to conspiracy theories - but has anyone heard of this one, which seems so persistent?

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Oh, yes, often. :D

It's all a plot by the Freemasons, or the Illuminati, or the Council on Foreign Relations, or Skull and Bones, or the Bilderberg Group, or the Vienna School of Economics, etc., etc.

But I can't tell you who the REAL group of plotters is, because I'm a member, sworn to secrecy on pain of slow death. :D :D :D

Virginia TheOtherTink

Ah, OtherTink...then you are also familiar with this...and this last rumor I heard it was the Bilderberg Group...okay even my small puff of openmindedness to this idea has just evaporated, ty!

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

YW, Virginia!  :)


Interesting but it could be more than just that. This writer has a good theory in this book. Great writer and a great must read book. It fits what's going on today! 


Virginia Rooster

Thank you Rooster, you have always been a fine source of books for my reading list!


Oh yes, we heard a lot about all these controversial (and violently controversed) conspiration theories, spreading with propaganda and fake news.

Honestly, whom can we believe if even the most honest people are fooled or trusting the wrong people?


As far as I see, whatever the side and whatever the convictions, economic strategies tend to fill holes by making other holes ...


The problem is that big business has too much impact on politics.

Virginia Marianne

Marianne, my old browser was unable to open either of your links...with The Telegraph, I even let it just spin for 30 minutes, and it could not do it.

However, I think you may be correct when you say that big business has too much impact on politics! And the idea that economic strategies tend to fill holes by making other holes, that is intriguing and I suspect it is also correct!

Marianne Marianne


Thank you for your thoughts.

On my side, "brainstorming" with regard to politics, systems and social conflicts looks like a succession of storms in my brain - lol.

Maybe that it would help to refresh the page (look for this symbol on the bar at the top of the page)


or ask Dan for help.

Virginia Marianne

Marianne, sometimes I can get a link to load just by a refresh, sometimes a re-boot helps too...but someday, I will need to 'bite the bullet' and invest in a new computer with more than 2 gb of RAM, plus a modern browser! Fairly certain the problem is my old system...ty...

Marianne Marianne

You're very welcome, Virginia - yes, I know, on my side I have not the latest software myself.

Virginia Marianne

Oh Marianne, btw...while I was researching the capitalism questions, I learned that Switzerland, like the USA, also has a huge concentration of wealth controlled by very few, a large gap between rich and poor...so you may have seen some of the effects first-hand, as have I!

Marianne Marianne

Yes - of course, and here's an example:

As a child I remembered especially certain big private properties or residences (often belonging to very rich strangers) behind high walls, cutting or complicating the access to public spaces, for instance, which caused polemics by then.

Even today, our French neighbours are still dealing with this kind of problems around public access to lakes and natural recreation areas, and on our side (our people has been voting), on persisting disputes over "cold beds" (private second homes only occupied for a few weeks per year) in Valais and other touristic sites, which are mutilating natural landscapes, reducing agricultural spaces, deteriorating historical places and from which local communities cannnot benefit.

And the real estate bubble goes on in most European countries.

Fuzzy Corona
I just saw one of those posters where you could pull off a slip of paper with a phone number on it at the bottom and the next thing I knew some dude with a face mired in shadow was giving me control of upstate New York, and telling me to go recruiting. I'm beginning to think the whole thing might be a pyramid-but-with-an-eye-a-third-of-the-way-up scheme.
Virginia Fuzzy Corona

Hi Fuzzy Corona,

Well that was a strange experience, interesting too! Good luck with upstate NY there...8-)

btw, you have an interesting username, I like it!