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Is Anyone Else NOW (sigh) Going Around Alla Time Singing the ODE TO JOY?

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Jun 30, 2017 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Virginia (7,565 points)

Marianne called it an 'ear worm,' I think it apartment has only sixteen units...and we are all quite patient with each other's foibles...still I hope I get tired of this before my dear neighbors go crazy,.. 

(You REALLY have to hum Ode To Joy kinda loud...La La LA la, la la-la La La...don't you agree?)

2 Answers

Marianne Jun 30, 2017

Lol - I am wondering myself; I heard it repeatedly within two days, probably referring to the G20 Summit, which will take place in Hamburg on coming July 7 - 8.

Virginia Marianne Jun 30, 2017

Marianne, I was glad to see this link you posted...Angela Merkel arranging for everybody at the conference to go out and listen to Beethoven's Ninth!

From the article: "Back in 1985, the European Community adopted the ode as the official Anthem of Europe. The reasoning for that was that the ode celebrates the values they all share and their unity in diversity."

Marianne Marianne Jul 2, 2017

Yes, Virginia - :)<3.

TheOtherTink Jun 30, 2017

I usually sing this part (but only when I'm driving alone in the car). :D

"Froh, wie seine Sonnen fliegen

Durch des Himmels praecht'gen Plan,

Laufet, Brueder, eure Bahn

Freudig, wie ein Held zum Siegen."

(Joyful, like his suns a-flying

Through the heavens' glorious plain,

Run, O brothers, run your course

Hero-like to victory.)

Virginia TheOtherTink Jun 30, 2017

O'Tink TRULY glorious...and you show better sense than me by restraining yourself to alone in the car! And I was thinking while this was playing...the Ninth was his last...quite sure he was completely deaf when he composed this one? he himself never even "heard" it...

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink Jun 30, 2017

@ Virginia,

Yes, he was completely deaf by then, but great musician and composer that he was, he could hear the music in his mind, just as you and I can "hear" the words we read or write on a page, without having to read them out loud.

Virginia TheOtherTink Jun 30, 2017


Marianne TheOtherTink Jul 2, 2017

Lol - I also sang when driving alone.


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