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I found a girl who like to travel to Serbia and visite a place where I live online. I ask her if she wants to meet me when she come to Serbia. She refused. 

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On-line dating is rather hazardous and exposed to pranksters, trolls and fraudsters of all kinds, hiding behind anonymity and playing with illusions and imaginations of various users, looking for a friend - or more. Many are giving too much info about private data, photos, etc., which can make them vulnerable to attacks and identity theft.

Try to "play it safe" with on-line friendships and stick rather with groups of friends you know already well enough, and rather ask for a second or third advice, if you are not sure.

Your on-line friend might also worry to meet the wrong person, or she might have already a friend or even her own family in real life.

Furthermore, mentalities and cultures might be also an obstacle. Virtual relationships seem to offer a great many opportunities, but also a considerable number of "crash landings", as reality looks a bit different. Take your time and try to know your old and new friends by communicating with them.

And remember, both genders of all ages are exposed:





Hi Kninjanin,

Marianne's information for you covers the possibilities well, so I don't have much to add. It seems likely that either she has told you untruthful things about herself, or else that she is just very cautious about ANY Internet friendship.

I am wishing you well...


I consider to stop communicating with her. Relations with people who hide themselves can be dangerous. 


I try to keep my online friendships, just that! Online. I had a horrible experience once getting to close to a lady online that lived in Canada. We got pretty close as possible online with Skype. Then when I said I could fly up there and meet her? I started finding out things about her. Mainly that she was married with children and was full of bull. I met her on Ask.com. I had to learn the hard way and it sure opened my eyes! I just keep things friendly now and rarely give out any personal info.

Marianne's advice is sound as usual and that's the way I do it now also. One reason I'm not the most interactive person. 

Kninjanin Rooster

I think that this girl wants to hide something. Maybe she avoid to be in contact with someone from my place and don't tell the real reason why she comes in Grocka.

Kninjanin Rooster
Kninjanin Rooster

It seems clear that she is not going to Grocka simply for sightseeing as a tourist.

Kninjanin TheOtherTink

People meet someone when they travel. It seems she wants to be hidden and unknown. It is very suspicious.