Chess or Checkers?

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Dec 31, 2015 in Board Games by Bruno56 (5,164 points)

Do you prefer to play Chess or Checkers?

Chess 6 votes, 67%
Checkers 3 votes, 33%
Other_____ 0 votes

7 Answers

Didge Dec 31, 2015

Wash your mouth out, Bruno. The very idea of mentioning chess in the same sentence as that other game. Shame on you.

But since you've brought it up I hope you won't mind me placing as link to Dozy's Inferno, my chess blog.

And, oh yeah, I prefer chess but you probably guessed.

Bruno56 Didge Dec 31, 2015
Ha Ha...I saw your horns.   LOL
Bruno56 Dec 31, 2015
I prefer to play chess.
Rooster Dec 31, 2015
I like Checkers for just fun but I prefer Chess for the strategy involved !
Platinum Dec 31, 2015
I loved chess when I was younger and still play it sometimes ...checkers I'm not that struck on
amberleechoo Dec 31, 2015
MidnightCowboy Jan 7, 2016

I have never played Chess but I have played Checkers.

Kninjanin Jun 30

I play chess. 

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