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I have used Twitter since 2012. I see a lot of spammers. I was spammed by porn Twitterers. They send the links to their websites. I received many messages like follow me on Facebook etc.

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From what I've seen of Twitter and Facebook and some others? All kinds of spam runs rampant! Especially porn. Do you think some of these people pay Twitter and such to put their crap on those sites. I've often wondered about that. I guess everybody has to try and advertise when and where they can. I'm kind of glad that I quit all the websites so I don't have to deal with any of this stuff.



Kninjanin, that is AWFUL! I do not tweet myself, so did not really know that was going on...however, I had similar problems on Facebook, so much that I finally closed my account.

Twittering would be so much fun, I think, and convenient too; it is a shame people come along to spoil it!

Kninjanin Virginia

I see the porn blogs on Tumblr. Twitter and Tumblr does not banned them. I joined to some Mastodon communities and I see that porn spammers are not allowed there.

Virginia Virginia

You are learning a lot about how the Internet works, from exploring all these sites, Kninjanin. I am glad you still come to SOLVED and share your information and your insights with us!


Since porn makes up something like 1/3 of internet traffic, it is hard to avoid.

I just ignore it when it appears.


I am afraid that we can't avoid advertisement, spams, propaganda, hoaxes, etc., as many communities must live from advertising, which leaves certain gaps for less regular "publicity". The best is to ignore them, and, if needed, to inform the corresponding administration.