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How would you feel if we came into contact with intelligent beings in outer space?

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Aug 28, 2017 in Society & Culture by Korvo (511 points)

Would you be upset, as we would no longer be The only one?

excited, afraid, angry, ???  what would your feelings be?

3 Answers

TheOtherTink Aug 28, 2017

I would be excited, and more than a little apprehensive.

Since we have very, very recently made it into space, these beings would probably be FAR more advanced than we are. What would they think of us?  Would they regard us as awfully primitive savages?  They might have good reason to think so.  :(

Rooster Aug 29, 2017

I doubt that they would want anything to do with us, other than for Sport. Like I've said elsewhere, they've been coming here for a long time and I sure don't want to meet up with one of these!


Virginia Aug 29, 2017

Hi Korvo,

Well I would prolly just continue on my way in life as usual, without much reaction either direction. Actually, if I were to guess I would say it is likely that contact already HAS been made, and we do not even know it...

TheOtherTink Virginia Aug 29, 2017

@ Virginia,

Yes, I understand it first happened almost 80 years ago. :P

Virginia Virginia Aug 29, 2017

Oh yes of course! Forgot about that...go Orson!

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