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I posted this on a question on another site a while back as humor and got called all kinds of names. Then I quit the site.

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I have to agree with you.  Read this morning in the paper that the Hollywood classic "Gone With The Wind" will no longer be shown in Memphis, because the theatre board has deemed it insensitive to the larger audience, they say "historical revisionism glorifying slavery" 

Does this mean that any movie about the past with slaves in it will be banned?

How about the History of Greece.. they lived well due to slave labour.. do we no longer teach the history of Greece?

PC is completely out of hand.

Rooster Korvo

@Korvo: I very much agree. You have to watch everything you say nowadays!


Rooster, the answer to your Q is YES, the PC stuff is getting out of hand...

I saw yesterday where a commentator assigned to do the broadcast of a ball game in Virginia, well he was removed from that assignment, and it was because of his name!

Apparently he was of Asian ancestry, and his last name was Lee...and his first name? Well it is Robert!

And it was felt that a ballgame announcer in Virginia with the name of Robert Lee, that might offend someone... 

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Political correctness has been out of hand for years.

Eventually it will be laughed out of existence, when enough people get up the nerve to say out loud that the PC emperor has no clothes, but it may take quite a while.


Sorry but I say what's on my mind whether they like it or not! They don't teach that crap in the Marines or the job I'm working now. Is this Obama's legacy or Trump's stupidity?

TheOtherTink Marianne

@ Marianne,

The cartoon could be made even more politically incorrect by adding a Muslim pupil walking by and saying, "HA!  I said Ramadan, and NOTHING happened to me! "

Marianne Marianne

Oops - T(h)ink ... :angel:

We had here some very upsetting news, which can cause indigestions:


TheOtherTink Marianne

@ Marianne, from the article: "The 64-year-old insists he is “well integrated” in Switzerland despite never learning a Swiss language in the 20 years he has been in the country, or holding down a job."

Hmm... 20 years of living on the dole... "well-integrated"... hasn't learned any of the Swiss national languages...I wonder how many members of his mosque think and act as Sayyid Ramadan does?  More that a few, I venture to guess.  :O

Marianne Marianne

Sigh - yes, T(h)ink, I am afraid that European policies (namely the anti-racism and anti-discrimination policies: they did not appreciate the "black sheep" campaign, for instance), and certain human rights organisations are also going too far (after all, Geneva is an "overly international place" and the home of the Red Cross, for instance); they tend to support carpetbaggers, liars, fakers, gangsters, etc. (and their accomplices and supporters from inside and outside), rather than the real victims - and police, social and safety and civil services are often prevented from doing their job, as evidence seems to disappear too often.

Like everywhere, all the views go into extremes, instead of taking appropriate measures. :angry:






TheOtherTink Marianne

These are good articles, except perhaps for the first HuffPo one, which seems to completely overlook Iran's role in sponsoring Shia terrorism. :ermm:

Marianne Marianne
TheOtherTink Marianne

@ Marianne,

What a pity that Islam has not yet had a Reformation.  :ermm:

Marianne Marianne

Indeed, there was no reformation, but their nearly 1400 year old schism is still feeding various conflicts and killings, involving various sides.