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All the things I've had to do and all the password changes! I have to call the S.S and DMV today and try and get back to the F.T.C.

Man, what a chore. I caught it when checking my credit card balance.

Just wondered if anyone has ever been through this? Made for a lousy working week-end and more today!


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I don't know if my identity (or that of our institution) was misused, but I know quite a few of my correspondents and friends whose identity was stolen; they could not open their e-mail box for several days and had to communicate by phone, fax or normal mail.

As to my on-line friends, several told me that their identity was stolen.

And in communities, there have been also confusions between users with a same or similar name.


It has not happened to me personally, not yet .... but when my brother died in 2001, it happened very quickly with his identity. 

idk but I think there may be people who just make a career of preying on deaths. I was struggling with his identity just at the most difficult time of my life - as he was only 54 and a Vietnam vet with PTSD. They broke into his home in Salem, OR; then came back with some kind of crane and lifted out his whole gun safe, to break it open at their leisure! He had beautiful, classic guns and then the police started finding the guns in criminal activities.

It was horrible.


With all the calls and forms to fill out from the FTC, Sheriff's dept , S.S., all three credit bureaus and more, It's like no one cares. I even have the guys name! I joined LifeLock and it was well worth it. They actually helped me!


I often wondered about LifeLock.  I mean, is it safe to have ALL your financial and personal info at ONE location?  What if there's a rogue employee who gets hold of it?  Or what if LifeLock gets hacked from the outside?

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@Tink : After talking to my friend from the FBI? He said that LifeLock's encryption is super high and almost impossible to break. They only have my credit information and my bank is not listed as I don't bank online. Besides, there is a $150,000.00 guarantee payback if anyone gets ahold of any of our information. You only give them the basics like e-mail address, license number and S.S. number. I've known my friend at the FBI for many years and he is head of the Cyber crime unit here and both he and my Lawyer assured me that it's safe. All State and Federal government employees use it after the security breach they had. I'm taking their word for it and it already notified me that someone has tried to sell my e-mail address on the dark web. I've changed my password twice since this happened. I also dug and found the person's name and address for them. Not that they will do anything but I have other means to handle it also.

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@ Rooster,

Well, that's reassuring.  I hope the sc*mbag that charged on your credit card gets what he deserves.

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@Tink: I have a feeling that he will pretty doon! 

Is there a Lifelock in Canada?

@ ESS: I'm not sure if Lifelock does business in Canada.  I skimmed their website and didn't see whether they did or did not.

Thanks for at least looking.


It has never happen to me. Identity thefts are very often in social network. Hackers and scammers steal identities.

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@ Kninjanin : I think I was phished in my e-mail and the rest was from this Equifax data breach.

In my case, not that I know of. But someone I know got there Credit Cards stolen, in Europe.