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What do you think about Asians using Swastika?

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Sep 13, 2017 in Politics & Government ✌ by Dan (5,338 points)

Japan Map


India image Indonesia image Korea 

5 Answers

Rooster Sep 13, 2017

American Native People also used the swastika in some of their religious rites and pictures also. I see no problem of it's use like this as that's what it was originally from. The Nazi's only used it as a political sign of their party.

Swastika Its Real Meaning - Stephen Knapp

Virginia Sep 13, 2017

In Asia, the swastika still holds its original, sacred meanings. And when you see it there, the context is usually very clear, so to me it is fine. Hitler cannot control the world forever.

I see on your map the swastikas seem to mark the location of temples!

Here is an interesting link, from Theosophy...apparently the original Sanskrit translation of the word swastika is 'all is well.' In Buddhism, the swastika is known as 'the seal of the heart' and is often seen on the chest of paintings or statues of the Buddha.


TheOtherTink Sep 13, 2017

I have nothing against Asians using swastikas.

Its use by Nazis and neo-Nazis only means that a sacred and auspicious symbol used by many cultures for thousands of years can be twisted for evil purposes.

Korvo Sep 13, 2017

Japan is removing it from tourist maps. see

I guess it still upsets some tourists who think it was invented by the Hitler regime.

Virginia Korvo Sep 14, 2017

Korvo, it is an interesting article you posted. I think I would prefer Japan KEPT the symbol, perhaps with an explanation in the map's legend. I would like to see the swastika return to its original beautiful meanings.

Marianne Sep 14, 2017

Sadly enough, the nazis used and distorted an ancient, sacred symbol from various Asian countries and spiritual principles from Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and in various cultures and arts in other civilisations, even in Byzantine and Christian artwork. Swastika comes from Sanscrit and is understood as "conductive to well being, or auspicious".

Sadly enough, many symbols have been misused, abused or misunderstood in the course of history, cultures, civilisations and their conflicts.

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