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The painfully obvious goal of sanctuary cities?

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Sep 14, 2017 in Politics & Government ✌ by TheOtherTink (21,068 points)

In College Park, MD, non-citizens (including illegals) can now vote in local elections.  Do you suppose the Democrats who control the local government would have passed this law if most non-citizens were likely to vote Republican?  Hah:P

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Virginia Sep 14, 2017

O'Tink, I am definitely becoming more cynical and suspicious of ulterior motives...but just cannot buy your implication here, at least not yet...

I suppose the time of integrity is long past, but the generation before me, here in Washington State, they remember when you immigrated to the USA in order of your turn, got work and "proved up," and then got your citizenship AND THEN you could vote.

Rooster Sep 14, 2017

Well, we have a few of those cities here in California as it's a heavy Democrat state but it's kind of a closed operation and I'm not sure whether they get to vote or not but it wouldn't surprise me.

I think what bothers me the most is why don't these people just apply for citizenship and not have to worry about it. You want to live here and work here? Just become a regular tax paying citizen! It's not that hard to do!

Korvo Rooster Sep 14, 2017

Its not that easy Rooster.. If the person applies for citizenship, he will be asked what he is doing now, and if he is working, why doesn't he have a work visa. You can only get work visa's before you enter the US. So if you admit you are illegal, you are kicked out of the country. Getting work visa's is not easy either.

Getting citizenship in the US is a long and hard road.

TheOtherTink Rooster Sep 14, 2017

@ Rooster,

Like Korvo said, if you are an illegal, it is much easier to work off the books (with complicit businesses that like the cheap labor, and complicit politicians who like the potential votes), pay little or no taxes and collect welfare to boot.

Rooster Rooster Sep 15, 2017

@Korvo and Tink : Maybe it's my old fashioned thinking but it still seems like the right thing to do. Become a citizen no matter what it takes. Just seems to me that becoming a citizen would entitle these people to more than having to hide out all the time. But that's just me. Sorry.

Korvo Rooster Sep 15, 2017

@ Tink  Can you collect welfare in the US if you don't have a social security number? (or postal address)

TheOtherTink Rooster Sep 16, 2017


Yes, and how easy it may be depends on the state.

Marianne Sep 15, 2017

There are many controversed views about the latest mass migrations as a consequence of wars, oppression, genocide, religious fanatism, corruption, economical and ecological disasters, not to forget overpopulation, extreme poverty, violence and abuse.

On the one hand, hundreds of thousand desperate migrants are flooding Europe, and many risk their lives to escape war, violence and slavery. But they come in too large numbers; no country can deal properly with them, and mass processing is fraught with fails, abuses and blunders.

Human trafficking, smuggling, modern slavery, illegal drugs, prostitution, etc,. are also opening the doors of host countries to international crime and terrorist organisations, as there is "no market without a substantial demand" in targeted, "rich" and "less rich countries", and people from poor and/or conflict stricken countries, namely refugees, as much as migrants, are vulnerable. 

There is also a significant problem with appropriate help, as, in Europe, for instance, the "gate countries" for refugies are experiencing themselves high rates of unemployment and poverty, namely Greece, Spain, Italy and the Balkans, and financial support to provide emergency aid is scarce; as a consequence, they are left alone without appropriate means to help. And, additionally, the so-called wealthy countries have their poor and unemployed, and economic measures cut into local welfare, health and professional reintegration programmes.

On the other hand, German authorities, for instance, belittled certain clashes between their own citizens and large groups of refugees, namely the New Year's Eve attacks in Cologne and several other large cities.

Tonight, a documentary reminded of some very shocking facts and that police and authorities were not able to deal properly with the incident in Cologne.

The other countries with high immigration numbers are also dealing with very similar problems, and the so-called PC practices resemble much hypocrisy.

No one can turn a blind eye on such tragedies, but neither can already deeply split host countries neglect large parts of their own populations, namely women and children, and let old and new conflicts and violences from all the sides escalate ...

TheOtherTink Marianne Sep 16, 2017

What the German government tried to do to cover up the mass molestations and other crimes is an absolute disgrace. :angry:

Marianne Marianne Sep 17, 2017

Sadly enough, T(h)ink, such disgraceful incidents happen everywhere.

TheOtherTink Marianne Sep 17, 2017

Yes, Sweden tries to cover them up too, for example. :angry:

Marianne Marianne Sep 17, 2017
TheOtherTink Marianne Sep 17, 2017

Yes, Marianne, but maybe the British at least are beginning to wake up. :ermm:

Marianne Marianne Sep 17, 2017

Well, T(h)ink, that must be one of the consequences of Brexit - but there is quite a lot going on behind the scenes - since a certain time - and the peoples will not accept to be silenced again.

At least, I hope so.

TheOtherTink Marianne Sep 17, 2017

I should hope so, not after the number of terrorist attacks so far this year.  :angry:

Marianne Marianne Sep 17, 2017

Indeed, T(h)ink, I am trying not to follow blind anger and stick to clear thoughts ... :ermm:

TheOtherTink Marianne Sep 17, 2017

One clear thought would be to halt the wholesale immigration into Europe and establish safe zones for genuine refugees within the Middle East.

Marianne Marianne Sep 18, 2017
TheOtherTink Marianne Sep 18, 2017

@ Marianne,

Yes, but if these refugee centers were properly built, policed and administered, it would probably cost Europe much less in blood and treasure than it now does.

Marianne Marianne Sep 20, 2017
TheOtherTink Marianne Sep 20, 2017


Yes, the Guardian points out the real motivation. In the EU, as in the US, it is for cheap labor.

"The EU’s leaders can muddle along with broken institutions, flouted laws, flailing border police. Or they can think it through. The OECD’s central projection is that, to stand a chance of avoiding stagnation, the EU’s workforce will have to add 50 million more people through migration by 2060 (a similar number is needed in the US). The Paris-based thinktank says if that doesn’t happen, it is a “significant downside risk” to growth. What this means should be spelled out, because no politician has bothered to do so: to avoid economic stagnation in the long term, Europe needs migrants."

Of course, if Europe would raise its birth rate among natives to say, 2.5, there would be no problem in producing the required 50 million people without risking Europe's cultural destruction.

Marianne Marianne Sep 21, 2017

Yes, T(h)ink, they speak of development, but they forget that the carrying capacity of our planet, and with it its natural resources, have their limits.

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