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At what age do you think that you will "give up the keys" ?

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I've started to worry about myself, no big deal just a little concern .


I don't think there is any set age; it depends on a given person's health.

If, for example, there are uncorrectable vision or hearing or concentration problems, then it may be time to give it up.

Heck, I've known some people aged 25 who should never have been allowed to drive. :D


When you can't see too well! That's the time to hang up the keys or go get Lasik. I'm not ready yet. :D

foy49 Rooster

I've been driving for about 55 years, never lived anywhere that public transportation was an option. When the time comes; giving up the independent mobility will be a big deal.

Rooster Rooster

@ foy49 : I can understand that! My ex-wife was about to give up driving at 67 but then and went and had Lasik surgery on her eyes. Now she's driving all over the place including visiting me WAY too much! :D

foy49 Rooster

Well now; ya see, she can appreciate your true beauty;)

Virginia Rooster

Oh Rooster, that is so FUNNY!  :P


Actually, I would rather say that it is a question of health and abilities.

Furthermore, they are developing self driving cars:


Rooster Marianne

@ Marianne: I can't wait for those! Sit in the back seat and have a beer while it drives you where you need to go. Cut down on a lot of accidents I'll bet!

Marianne Marianne

Indeed, that would help a lot, and they are even developing electric alternatives:



Dear foy49,

That would depend partly on where I live as I get older...even now, age 73, I try to minimize my driving in congested situations where there is lots of road rage. You can drive as carefully as possible, but you can never control what bizarre mistake the other driver is going to make!

foy49 Virginia

I agree; defensive driving is the way to go .


111 ?

"Hall, who was born in 1880, continued to drive his blue 1962 Cadillac Sedan de Ville sedan–to the grocery store, to the doctor’s office, to visit friends and even to go on dates–until he died on November 20, 1990. His accomplishment won him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. (He displaced Mrs. Maude Tull of Inglewood, California., who remained behind the wheel until she was 104. Tull died in 1976.)"

 Image result for blue 1962 cadillac sedan de ville sedan pics