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I used to get some e-mail spam like that and had couple message me on other sites with scams like that but it's been quite a while since I've seen or heard any of them. Ever since I was phished and went through an I.D. theft scam? My security has been tightened up and the last time I saw any of those was from blurtit a week or so ago. One reason I raised such hell with them to shit off my e-mail alerts. That's kind of an old scam now compared to some of the stuff they try now!


I used to get a lot, especially from Nigeria, with announcements that I had won a lottery, or that the sender was a political refugee who wanted to transfer his money into my bank account "for safekeeping", because he trusted me. All I had to do was send him my bank account number.  :D

I haven't had very many lately.

Kninjanin TheOtherTink

Some scammers represent as fake female refugees who live in Dakar and offer fake millions of dollars.

Kninjanin TheOtherTink
TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

@ Kninjanin,

Yes, and it seems that the fake young lady was offering more than money to her potential victim.  :D


Oh yes, we received lots of such mails at work (and that was quite a while ago), from considerable lottery gains to "lawyers" looking for "heirs" to claim large amounts, or from family members of late, high-ranking state or wealthy business people in war-stricken, (mainly) African countries, needing a trustworthy administrator to saveguard their money; further, a series of our eminent, foreign correspondents were hacked, and we received "sos mails" telling all kinds of mishaps, either that they were robbed or had lost money, luggage and passport in some big airport in Europe, and, having nowhere to go. needed urgently several thousand £ or $ to get home safely (it was the so-called Nigerian connection, and that involved a lot of additional work, as the victims of identity theft and their colleagues had to be warned, mail accounts changed, regular mails recovered from the spams, some cases needed investigations, etc., etc.). 


Additionally, we were bothered by dating requests and "certain services" ...

Such scams still occur, of course, including fake news, but the scam and spam filters are much more efficient.


Hi Kninjanin,

A few years ago, I got an e-mail from a friend who was traveling overseas, I think it was South America? It said that he was in trouble and needed money. Turned out to be a scam; the scammers somehow get hold of e-mail addresses belonging to travelers, along with their address book, and use that to try and get money.

I have not gotten anything from Africa for a long time now, but got a lot several years ago.

Kninjanin Virginia

It was scam. Someone hacked his email adress.

Virginia Virginia

Yes Kninjanin, it truly was a scam...and it almost worked. We were all concerned about our friend, and deciding what to do...but then my friend contacted us, told us he was okay before anybody sent the money. Then we learned that kind of scam often happens with travelers!