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Some agencies call me on phones. They want that I promote some products.

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Sadly enough, we are constantly being bothered by phone spammers.
In most cases, such calls come from foreign call centres, even if they seem to come from your area.

Kninjanin Marianne

Ten years ago, a phone spammers offered me millions of UK pounds. I didn't trust him. I don't know how he found my phone number. 

Marianne Marianne

And you did very well not to trust him.

This was clearly an attempt to get your data, either to steal money from you or to misuse your identity.

Getting your mobile or cell phone number seems to be easy for spammers:


TheOtherTink Marianne

@ Kninjanin:  it's amazing how many million-dollar lotteries I've won. :D

Marianne Marianne

Lol, T(h)ink and Kninjanin - me too, and there were also all these stories about inheriting millions; that started long ago, it was the so-called Nigerian Connection.



Even if a legitimate company didn't sell your telephone information to other (perhaps illegitimate) groups, they can still reach you by robo-dialing random numbers.  If you ever answer, they know it is a real number.

It has gotten to the point where we never answer the phone for an unknown number (even if it is spoofed as local calling number), but let them leave a message (which the fakes almost never do), and call back only if they are genuine.


I rarely answer the phone anyway but I still get some of those too. I think we all do! From Canadian pharmacies to Windows tech support. Can't remember how many vacations I've won. Plus every time someone sells a house around here? I get calls from Realtors wanting to know if I want to sell this one. Soon as the liens are all settled on my new house? I'm going to reverse mortage this house and give it to my ex-wife. Then she can get all the oddball calls.


Kninjanin, my own solution is not for everyone in this era of total dependence on cell phones, but here is what works for me:

I have one phone only and it is a landline, and the number is unlisted. Plus I almost never give out that phone number. So, in the 17 months I have had this phone I have gotten only one spam call, and I realize from Other Tink's answer that was prolly robo-calling. I answered the phone three times, and each time there was no one there...so I think it was a robo-call and other answering machines picked up before I could get there!