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I have been blocked several times on social networks by some female profiles although I am nice with social network users. I find that users who block are disrespectful and uneducated.

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Yes, I was also blocked and insulted sometimes on social networks.

It is indeed disrespectful to block and insult other users, simply for not saying "yes and amen" to everything (including nonsense) they "should" - as "true friends" - agree with at 100 %.

You can find angry, exasperated, sickened, distressed, lonesome, bored, fanatic, hateful or abusive and even pervert(ed) users, including trolls and crooks on any site.

And remember with a smile that "nobody is perfect":


Furthermore, private and professional users have to deal with messages and mails proposing lottery winnings, inheritances of or management mandates for big fortunes, highly paid fake jobs, aggressive advertisement, etc., and also sex or porn proposals and pictures, etc.


Yes, I was often blocked on SodaHead by users who didn't like my opinions, but who couldn't defend their leftist party-line pronouncements with logic, so they blocked.  :)

If it had been the USSR, they would have put me in an insane asylum or a gulag.

Kninjanin TheOtherTink

It is very often on social networks. If someone don't like your political views, he/she blocks you. I do not block anyone who has different political oppinions.

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

Neither do I, not even if they block me first.

Platinum TheOtherTink

Who would block my little tink....they have no taste

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

Quite true, JD, but there have been a few, here and there.  :D



I see this everyday darn near. Usually because of political issues but not always.

Some people will block you just because they can and they enjoy it and think that it bothers you. I've been blocked by a few on another site and I think most of it was jealousy and some because they are trolls to begin with and don't want you interfering in their childish games.

I'll give some quick advice as far as the females go. The intelligent ones won't block you when you're nice and polite with them but the less educated and the ones who's self interests mean more to them will block you as they think you might be wanting to talk more about other things, so they assume you are making sexual advancements towards them and they block you off.

It's not just women as many men are like that also. Some just take a disliking to you no matter how nice you are. Sometimes being nice is taken wrong by some people. This I know for a fact! I see it almost every day! I'm proud to say that I've blocked no one whether I agree or like them at all. It's foolish and shows immaturity to me.

Kninjanin Rooster

It is tottally true.

Kninjanin Rooster

Females who blocked me are young. 

Rooster Rooster

@ Kninjanin: The young ones can be a pain. Anyone older than 25 is an old person to them. Don't worry about it. The younger they are? The snobbier and self centered they are. It's a shame but it's the truth!


Kninjanin, as far as I know I have never been blocked. But I have only been on this Q/A site, Answ3rMug, and Blurt!t regularly.

And, there is only one website where I have ever blocked anyone...and that was a site where they play card games. I like card game of Hearts, I played it in high school and college (1950's and early '60's). But some users, when they discover you are a woman, they will say unbelievably degrading, violent, sexual things with the chat button; truly abusive.

Since there were also people I liked and had fun with the card games, I just blocked the bad ones!


Yes. A couple of people had me blocked on SH, and then I think I have been blocked on Facebook as well.

Kninjanin ajmsituation
They did not respect you.

Yeah it happend with me once.

Kninjanin victoryoung
Blocking is frequent on big social networks like Facebook and Twitter.