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I know when I got on there yesterday morning? I saw only three new questions. Pretty bad for a larger site.

Just from my time there as a mod? It seems like half the people hate the other half and many won't post because trolls and protected ones jump on them for no reason that I can see.

Is another one slowly in it's death throes?


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It may be too soon to say, with Holiday activities building up.

And one of that site's most active posters (Sukie) hasn't been on in weeks. One of the big problems with that site is that most of the questions are posted by only about half a dozen people.

dru tiger TheOtherTink

I hope you are right. I have seen it slow before, but this seems especially dead. 


Every website where people can post or comment will become less popular. People search new websites and apps and abandon old websites. 


Yes, I noted that, Rooster, but I hope that this is not the case.

At this time of the year, some are busy with work, family, studying, duties, Christmas preparation, charity, and other activities, or they are on trip (having not always access to Internet), need holidays (including "holidays from Internet") - and technical problems, flu and other diseases can also cause lots of absences.

And yes, there are also users who are too easily bored and changing sites frequently.

Last but not least: quantity does not grant quality, and too big sites are very hard to handle properly.

Still, I am also worrying a bit.


Sadly enough, former friends have become bitter ennemies, and they insult each other, instead of agreeing to disagree and respect each other. Many are blinded by propaganda and fake and can't see the very problems clearly; others seem to have been deeply hurt and are embittered or vindictive and overly judgemental, and they refuse to see the different sides of the conflictual parties. And some have a strange sense of humour ...

And there are some who are purposefully sowing discord, spreading rumours, half-truths, fear and raising hate, and we can find them everywhere.

Rooster Marianne

@Marianne : You've about summed up what I've been seeing there also. Three people have told me that they won't post there anymore because of the things said to them by a few who are constantly causing trouble. It's a real shame.

Marianne Marianne

Yes, Rooster, it is a shame.

Several of my friends there had very difficult moments or series; some breaks, but others did not come back since long ...

Political and religious themes seem to have become the "playgrounds" of extremists or propagandists, and a certain "vocabulary" is poisoning discussions.

And many good people have been embittered by careless "guidance" - but that is not new; why are we told and saying that history repeats itself?

StarzAbove Marianne

I'm worried too Marianne.   Just a few people post, and there are some posters who do nothing but post bait posts to cause trouble....and sometimes when reported, nothing is done about them.  

Marianne Marianne
Hello Starz! How nice to see you here - good morning to you. :)<3

Yes, as soon as politics or religions, education and moralities are involved, discussions can turn into toxic fights.

"Am I right" is, compared to other communities, much better off. And don't worry, reported cases are dealt with, but it might take some time, diplomacy and a bit more kindness - including a more polite language (no flattery, of course), as the roots of the conflicts are not easily seen.

Many people are prompt to criticise, but if they had to "wear those shoes", they might see things very differently - if they take the time to check and compare the different sources.

There are some good friends around on these two sites, even if by now, many are busy or need a break.

Tiffanee Marianne

That right there is exactly the problem. A few people ruining it for everyone else.

Tiffanee Marianne

Too much trolling and baiting. I have even seen a post on here which is baiting a user from Amirite. Sad that even while on another site it can still happen.

Marianne Marianne

Hello, Tiffanee - good to see you here.

Yes, every group has its few "black sheep".


I've always enjoyed the site, but lately there have been a lot of imposter accounts showing up, and we never know who we're dealing with.   If the trolls were DA'd ASAP, I think the site would improve.   I've just about given up posting for lack of replies.

Marianne StarzAbove

Yes, Starz, but you can contribute, even if some answers might be slow to come - don't give up, even if there are not many answers. Do it for your own pleasure and go at your rhythm.

Here's a link which might inspire you:


and the occasion to share pictures about a cute little fish:


dru tiger StarzAbove

She knows how to contribute to the site, Marianne. She is upset  because of all the trolls that site is allowing.

Tiffanee StarzAbove

This site is not much better.

dru tiger StarzAbove

No, it's not, but it could have been. It allows for a nice airy look and plenty of space for images. But the Goddess of Darkness killed this one too. 

Marianne StarzAbove

Hello, Dru - there are not so many trolls - or should we say propagandists - but many conflicting interests and convictions.

Marianne StarzAbove

Hello, Tiffanee and Starz, don't lose hope, both sites are nice, and we all can do something to bring some brighter moments to our friends.



Hmmm...as you know Rooster (and Serenity too), I have been looking for an opening to give Am-rite a go...so it's helpful to me to see this discussion, I love the Q/A concept but don't want to get tangled in a lot of ugly games and drama! 

I tried Quora once, a while back, because I would love to be on the same site as Didge but that just did not work for me.

* * *

Dan, there are only a few regulars here but I think maybe in the long run it will turn out you really have the best site of all!

Rooster Virginia

@Virginia : I totally agree!

dru tiger

Yes, but the owner doesn't seem to mind. When we first came aboard, Amirite was on life support. We revived it, but now it is back on life support.  It has been mismanaged to the point of collapse.


I can remember days where I would have 100+ notifications when I signed in. Now most days I have less than 10.

dru tiger Tiffanee

The caring has to start from the top, and with Amirite, the top is never around.

Tiffanee Tiffanee

Yes it shouldn't be up to the users to keep the site going but that is the way it has been for years.:dizzy:

dru tiger
Tiffanee dru tiger

Funny how that post is complaining about a post but is far more nasty than the post it is aimed at.

dru tiger dru tiger
Hmmmm.....and I wonder who told him about that post in the first place.....