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The US Supreme Court Case Of The Gay Wedding Cake In Denver?

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Dec 11, 2017 in Politics & Government ✌ by Virginia (7,565 points)

Has everyone seen the news about this, a bakery refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, discrimination lawsuit followed, and now the US Supreme Court is looking at the case?

What I would like to do is give my own (partially-formed) impression, and then everybody critique it with your own take on this? 

So; I am adamantly pro-gay rights, marching in Pride parades, gay rights advocacy, wrote a column for a local newspaper for a while...but this? ... idk but I think I would favor the right of the baker to opt out...

* * *

The concern seems to be that if SCOTUS goes with the baker, that would open for the conservative Christian right to go wild with escalating homophobia oppressiveness. However, the baker sells regular merchandise equally to all customers, just doesn't want to try and put his artistry into a union he does not believe in.

Not that the baker handled this well; I think if I were the baker I would say, "Look, I just cannot put my heart and soul into this. I will take the commission but want you to know that I won't be doing it myself, will be handing it off to a staff person, because I know I cannot give it my full creativity."

And if I were the gay couple, would I really want a baker with an attitude to be making my special wedding cake?

2 Answers

Rooster Dec 11, 2017

I personally think this whole thing is a waste of money and taxpayers money to go to the Supreme Court. The words that Virginia said the baker should have said are correct in my opinion. That or just go to another baker that has a little more intelligence and manners and be done with it.

We all know gay rights and most live with them with no problem but I just don't see the waste of time and trouble to try and make a Federal case out of it. Should have just went to another baker and been done with it.

I think this will make more bad press for the gay community than it will good!

It's not like others don't make them.


Marianne Dec 11, 2017

Yes, Virginia, and all these exaggerations on either side go too far.

Nature tells us about a lot of contradictions in our overly sexualised, but widely hypocritical societies. The classical Antiquity was, for many too "religious" people, a time of sin, evil and injustice; the example of Ancient Greece is, probably the most famous:


I crashed and after having been very upset (I lost several notes and the beginning of my comment - having neglected to save my texts), I can't remember the anecdote I wanted to share in this matter.

Virginia Marianne Dec 11, 2017

Oh Marianne, a crash can be very frustrating...ty for the comments you wrote, they are interesting as usual...and you make an interesting point about the classical Greeks, famous for their acceptance of homosexuality, their culture now often considered dissolute and 'sinful.'

And I certainly agree about the exaggerations on either side going too just really seems like this could have been resolved with mutual respect for all parties, without making a federal case out of it.

Marianne Marianne Dec 11, 2017

That is exactly what I think. But there are so many deep-rooted "religious" and "cultural" misunderstandings or misconceptions, expressing hate, intolerance, superstitions, etc.

Can we judge other people for being "different", handicapped, sick, ugly or poor?

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