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The Chinese have evidently been quite busy, buying influence not only in the US, but in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain and Germany. Probably many others too.


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Yes, additionally India and other countries are also lining up - and they don't talk about the "shopping tours" in the "West" by Saudi Arabian and other Gulf States' billionaires.



My first suspect was the Chinese! They'll do just about anything to be the world's top super power!

I never could figure what the Russians could really gain by interfering in our affairs but I suppose there are a few things they would like to get into to bring back the old Soviet sphere of influence.

India? Our relations with them has been spotty over the years and I wish we would get closer to them and dump sending money and aid to Pakistan. Which plays both sides of the fence with the money we send them. India could be a true ally!

China will always be for China first no matter what any other nation says or does. They waste billions trying to buy all this influence while not much caring for their own people.

TheOtherTink Rooster

Yep.  They dumped stupid Maoism and substituted state capitalism instead.  The biggest corporatist monopoly in the world.


O'Tink, I don't understand very much about foreign relations, but I am guessing all the brouhaha of righteous indignation over Russia disguises some ulterior motives...

TheOtherTink Virginia

I think there may be more evidence that Hillary colluded with the Russians than that Trump did.

Virginia Virginia

Oh yuck! I wish I could have voted for her historic candidacy...but I kept coming back to the possibility that she might have been the only candidate worse than Trump. 

TheOtherTink Virginia

The Clintons have always been shabby, ever since their Arkansas days.  But Hillary lacked Bill's "aw, shucks" charm that got him through his many scrapes.

Virginia Virginia

I voted for Bill...was very much let down; also voted for Reagan, disappointed there too...actually, Nixon may have been better than we thought (and I voted for him also); I read that what happened at Watergate would be considered legal now???!!!???

TheOtherTink Virginia

Well, maybe not legal, but no big deal nowadays, not if Hillary can get away with destroying 30,000 emails without being prosecuted for obstruction of justice.

Virginia Virginia

Hmmm...yes, maybe the Nixon observation was relative, something to do with the Hillary comparison...I just read it in passing...