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Why all Chinese websites requires mobile number from China to register an account?


Japenese websites don't have such requirements, I created a Yahoo Answers Japan ID after some effort. The biggest challenge was solving the captcha in Japnese script, in around 20 seconds otherwise there will be a new captcha.
Just tried to find out how things go in other parts of the world.

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I would guess it is to make it easier for Big Brother (大哥...?) to keep track of everyone on the Internet in China, and to discourage outsiders from contradicting the Party Line.  :ermm:


Hi Dan,

It turns out that Wikipedia has an article on Internet censorship in China! Perhaps your answer is there?

Here is a quote from that article: "The apparatus of China's Internet control is considered more extensive and more advanced than in any other country in the world. The governmental authorities not only block website content but also monitor the Internet access of individuals; such measures have attracted the derisive nickname 'The Great Firewall of China.' "



Yes, China is cleaning up its Internet since several years:



Yes, "Big Brother" is watching, like in quite a few other countries.

For T(h)ink:


(big brother, i.e. eldest brother, boss, leader; sounds more like a short "gooa")


The others here pretty much say it all! China is one of the countries that the Government controls what you see and and do on the Internet. Although they have lightened up some? They are still strictly controlled.Although there are more than five as the article suggests in it's title, there is a good map of countries that censor and control the Internet.

Internet Censorship: Five Countries That Block The Web - Cloudwards


China wants to control what Internet users see. I heard that China does not allow Chinese Internet users to use Facebook.

Many messengers and social networks ask for phone numbers. I understand why messengers ask for phone numbers but I don't know why Facebook and Twitter ask for it.