Do you think there is any truth to this theory?

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"Evolutionary theorists propose that female desire for domineering males helped create a patriarchal world."

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Rooster Jan 20

Holy sheepshit! That sure wouldn't help this old fart for dating. Can't say as I buy all of that. Go ahead and give it to me, Tink! LOL

Marianne Rooster Jan 20

Lol, Rooster - I was really tempted to use your "exclamation".


Kninjanin Jan 20
I agree.
Virginia Jan 20

O'Tink, my answer to your interesting Q is not much more than a guess, but over the years I have given this idea some thought and study...

No, I don't think there is any truth at all to that theory. I think somehow the widespread patriarchal hierarchies got embedded in many societies, but it's a cultural phenomenon rather than genetic/evolutionary. 

I myself grew up in more of a matriarchal culture, in the early logging country of Washington that time, somewhat isolated with not much outside influence. Among those physically strong burly loggers, anyone who tried to dominate his wife was considered weak and immature. The ability to make a warm and happy home was cherished and honored, a sign of male strength to defer to her wisdom. 

Lots of joking about "my better half," and even bragging and competition about how much his wife "rules the roost." Also, among some Native American cultures (as Navajo) the women owned the land, and families were matrilineal. (Still were when I traveled there 1997-98.)

So however the domineering stuff got started, I am guessing it is unnatural.

Points well taken, Virginia.  :)

Marianne Jan 20

Actually, I am rather sceptic, though certain theories and beliefs seem to be more logical than others, but they vary a lot and leave many unanswered questions, and "there is no accounting for tastes".

Too many people seem to forget the origins of the human species and their classification:

closely related to chimpanzees:

and that they are "social animals":

Like that? Well - quite a few studies look much like stereotyping, and they forget about the individuals. 

Well, quite a few beliefs are rather "one-sided":

image  image


But very few studies are deepening into early education and "impregnation" by religious, social and cultural surroundings - and ethics (and that applies to both genders).


regarding religions:

OMG, Marianne, you have enough references here for a thesis on the topic:)

I always was amused by the Original Sin story.  Adam says the woman that God made for him gave him the fruit, and Eve says wait a minute, the serpent beguiled her.  Everyone pointing fingers...  I'm surprised the serpent didn't have an excuse.  :D

Marianne Marianne Jan 22

Lol, T(h)ink - me too, I was amused, and the question of the serpent is quite pertinent, and by then, no organisdation or lawyer was there to defend animal rights.


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