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Grated or Raped Cheese ?

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Feb 3 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Marianne (18,487 points)
edited Feb 3 by Marianne
False Friends (English - French) sent by: Séverine:

"This is a mistake I made at one of my first visits to England.

I would refer to grated cheese as "raped cheese" ... you can imagine the face of my friends and of the waiter!

In fact "râpé" is the French word for grated and I now know it very well!"



4 Answers

Rooster Feb 3

I'll just keep my big mouth shut and laugh! :D :D :D

But Rooster, isn't it hard to laugh with your mouth shut?  :)

Marianne Rooster Feb 4

Lol, Rooster - no need to shut your mouth for giggling.


Rooster Feb 3
Virginia Rooster Feb 3

This movie is hilarious! ...and prolly one of the least PC ever...:D  :blink:

Marianne Rooster Feb 4

Lol, Rooster, that looks much like a must see. :D:D:D

Virginia Feb 3

Ha ha Marianne, that was one of my early life listen for what people intend to say, and not what they actually say! <3

Marianne Virginia Feb 4

Lol, Virginia - I made quite a few similar experiences and also later on, with ambiguous sentences and words.


TheOtherTink Feb 3

Wait a minute!   Séverine should have remembered that the circumflex in "râpé" indicates that at an earlier time, there was an 's' following the 'a', and that it was therefore likely that the English cognate would be "rasped," not "raped."  :O :blush: :ermm: :angel: :) :D

Perfectly analysed, T(h)ink, Séverine forgot the circumflex (accent circonflexe) in râpé (and I admit that I corrected it) - lol.

As to the "English version" - well ... :angel::angel::D:D:D

Marianne, here is a picture of a rasp.  It could be used for grating cheese, although it might be a bit unusual.  :D


Lol, yes, T(h)ink, this rasp is indeed a bit unusual for cheese.


Especially if it had been previously used on wood.  :D :D :D

Lol - indeed ...


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