Would you steal from a supermarket self-checkout?

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Feb 4 in Air Conditioners by TheOtherTink (21,222 points)

According to some, “Anyone who pays for more than half of their stuff in self checkout is a total moron.”

Wrong.  To stay in business, the market would have to raise its prices, so the honest people end up paying for the thieves' dishonesty.  



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Virginia Feb 5

O'Tink, I really enjoyed your article, it is funny! This last sentence; "According to this theory (livening up boredom), some Type Ts (i.e., thrill seeker personalities) become base jumpers or Mafia hit men, while others settle for swiping Brie and organic tomatoes from Safeway."

...and the answer to your Q is nope, dull life for me, in fact I refuse to go through self-checkout. In Wal-Mart, I just go into the likker store they are not busy check out your stuff quick!  :P  :silly:  :angel:  ;)  <3 (...and I love Dan's little emoticons...)

Likker?!   What would the Dunkers say?  :O :silly: :ermm: :) :D

Actually, I've found that a teaspoon or two of applejack brandy is great in coffee on weekends.  :P

Virginia Virginia Feb 5

Ha ha well sounds good to me, ima show up at your house next weekend, coffee cup in hand!

I'll give you two tablespoons of applejack in your coffee, to make it worth the trip.  ;)

Virginia Virginia Feb 5

Yay, applejack...!!! :P  :silly:  :sideways:  <3


Marianne Virginia Feb 6

Lol, T(h)ink, we have still some small "apple brandy" producers:


Laird's Applejack is made in New Jersey, and has been for about 250 years.  They say Washington ordered it for his Revolutionary War troops.  :P

Virginia Virginia Feb 6

Marianne and Tink, I did some daydreaming when Tink posted the photo...because I have never seen that brand in our local liquor shops, so I was wondering if Laird's Applejack had a story, lovely to hear it!

Marianne Virginia Feb 6

Lol, Virginia, most of these fruit brandies have a longer history:



but there seems to be a increasingly a certain censorship regarding alcoholic beverages and their advertisement.

Virginia Virginia Feb 6

Marianne, look what I found in your link, Tink's applejack is/was very special stuff!!! "The oldest licensed applejack distillery in the United States, Laird & Company of Scobeyville, New Jersey, was until recently the country's only remaining producer of applejack."

Also (oh this is good), 'jacking' referred to the process of leaving the fermented apple cider outside in winter to freeze, then lifting out the ice; thus the alcohol got concentrated. Not done like that now...the jacking also concentrated the methyl and fusel alcohols...

Anyway, now I think we ALL ought to meet up at O'Tink's house for this cocktail made with Laird's Applejack and Rose's Grenadine - called a Jack Rose cocktail, and I am bringing our grenadine!


Marianne Virginia Feb 6

Lol, Virginia, I am glad that I could provide this link.


Yes, the Jack Rose cocktail is yummy!  Applejack, Grenadine and freshly squeezed lime, lemon or orange juice, depending on how sweet you like it.  :)

Virginia Virginia Feb 6

Well, ahem, I learned there is a huge debate on whether lime juice or lemon juice makes a better Jack Rose...the expert bartender in Boston opts for lemon...  (this is important!)  :P  ...also, Hemingway has his hero (or maybe it was heroine?) drinking one in THE SUN ALSO RISES, plus the Jack Rose was a favourite of Steinbeck!  :silly:  <3

I just learned that one of Steinbeck's hangouts was a bar called Baron's Cove, in Sag Harbor, Long island, only about 1 1/2 hours away by car  They even published a recipe for a Jack Rose the way Steinbeck liked them This is a 'must visit' place as soon as the weather warms up! 


"In honor of what would be the late Travels with Charley writer’s 116th birthday, Baron’s Cove is hosting a special happy hour featuring his favorite cocktail, the “Jack Rose,” for just $1.16 (see what they did there?) from 4–5 p.m. [Tues, Feb 27] They will also serve cake."

Virginia Virginia Feb 7

omg, this is SO educational!!! :'(   :sleeping:   :P ...turns out that Calvados is an apple brandy from the Normandy region...ima see if our likker store has Calvados, or Laird's at least...however I will NOT make my own house grenadine! (As Baron's Cove does/did.)

Nevertheless, Baron's Cove some February 27th is going onto my bucket list (started in the Blurt days), or at least drinking Steinbeck's favourite on one of his birthdays! (mmm...lessee...$1.16 + .01 = um, isn't that $1.17 will be the price in 2019???) ;)  <3


Virginia, Calvados is pretty pricey, at least for the fancier, aged varieties (up to about $120 for 750 ml :O ), although the cheaper stuff is about the same as Laird's (about $20).  Hmmm... at $1.16 a pop, I could really get my money's worth during the happy hour on Feb 27.  At 2.5 oz of Calvados per Jack Rose cocktail, if I downed 5 of them in the hour, that would be about half a bottle's worth for only $5.80, not including tip.

But then they would have to carry me out on a stretcher.  :ermm: :angel: :) :P :D

Virginia Virginia Feb 8

Hmmm...well, O'Tink, with those excellent figures, now ima calculate:D   :blink:  :happy:  what it will cost me to hitchhike to Sag Harbor in time for Feb. 27, and how many of those Jack Rose I need to drink to pay for my trip! 

Umm... quite a few, I think.  And you only have one hour for the bargain price.  :silly:

Virginia Virginia Feb 8

Well looks like this trip might not pencil... ;)  <3

:D <3

Marianne Feb 5

Lol, T(h)ink, I am afraid that I am neither keen on using the self-checking out, nor on stealing, neither from people, nor from machines.

And I am very well aware since long that as good as all the professional sectors are losing jobs - for "economic reasons".

Citing with a sarcastically groaning grin:

“Anyone who pays for more than half of their stuff in self checkout is a total moron,” reads one of the more militant comments in a Reddit discussion on the subject. “There is NO MORAL ISSUE with stealing from a store that forces you to use self checkout, period. THEY ARE CHARGING YOU TO WORK AT THEIR STORE.”

Well, I might be a moron, but why are so many of my friends and acquaintances here thinking like me ?

(the "livening up boredom" part was already taken - lol.)

Rooster Feb 5

Sorry Tink but I don't think I've stolen anything since I was a teenager and that was probably a pack of smokes or something. I usually have too much stuff to use the self check out anyways. I'm an honest person and thieves make me sick!

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