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Recently here in India, some girls get popular overnight

1. Priya Varrier

A song released few days before where a girl wink in the video. Now it went viral and now she becomes a trending celeb.

Full video >

2. Jhanvi Mehta

she participate in recent IPL auction


3. Sheril

She practiced dance for a song and uploaded it on Youtube

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There's no accounting for what trivialities may go viral.  :D

Kninjanin TheOtherTink

It is true.


They become popular on YouTube and Instagram. Many girls use social networks to promote them.


Dan, I also really liked the full video...their expressions were wonderful, I can see why it went viral!


See things like this almost every day! Some deserve to go viral like these young ladies but some just flat out are dumb. You just never know what the public is going to like or dislike nowadays. But young ladies seem to get the most attention. I wonder why? :D