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I see sometimes that the Serbian teachers are wanted in China, USA, France and some other countries. Some agencies help Serbian teachers to find jobs. Do you know any Serbian teachers in your country?

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No, I don't.  I have met two or three Serbs in person, but they weren't teachers of the Serbian language.


Kninjanin, I did some Googling to see if I could learn about that, but did not turn up much. 

No I don't know any Serbian teachers NOW here in Washington State; however as a child in the 1950's this area was home to many second and third generation immigrants from all over Europe, and my eighth grade teacher (1958) had the surname Bogdanovic...does that sound Serbian?  :) 

He was also a Korean War veteran!

Kninjanin Virginia

Bogdanović is a Serbian surname created from name Bogdan. 

Virginia Virginia

I thought it might be! :)


I didn't know that either but I did work for a great Serbian guy for a few years. He owned the shop I was working at around the late 90's.That was the best place I ever worked at! I really liked him and he was a great boss. If he hadn't sold out the shop? I probably would have worked for him till retirement. Just wasn't the same after I bought him out. Great guy!