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Who sings so sweet, these songs that cast a spell,

That rise to Heav'n, and quench the fires of Hell?

'Tis Julie Fowlis, Scots-Gael Tinker Bell,

Who kens the faerie world of Celts so well.

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I like it.


Well she is also a lovely Tinker Bell, and sometimes those Celtic folk songs can be utterly hypnotic...here is my own offering, I have at times listened to this Irish folk tune, Chiling O Guiry, for hours on end!

That tune is lovely, Virginia.

And I did listen to Julie's Celtic song many times over, immersed in the magic.  :happy:

Virginia Virginia

I can understand that truly O'Tink.

Here is a better recording of the song.  The one on YouTube has a faint echo of her voice that did not belong.

Virginia Virginia

Well Tink (!@#$%&!!) I am getting one of those messages that my browser is out of date, so cannot listen to this OTHER Other Tink...:'(...gonna have to bite the bullet someday here, and look into another computer...that can handle newer browser...

It's exactly the same performance, Virginia, just a better quality recording. 


I like it also. Such a sweet mesmerizing voice!