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As per the new law, knowing infecting someone with HIV through sex is no longer a major crime. https://edition.cnn.com/2017/10/07/health/california-hiv-bill-signed/index.html

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Of course it is stupid, but California is awash with stupid PC politicians.  :ermm:


Dan, I looked for the reason the California legislature might have done this, and apparently the reason is to de-stigmatize HIV? 

That kind of logic, that reasoning does not make sense to me. Yes HIV is more manageable now, but it is still incurable and very serious disease. Yes I think the legislators made a mistake, a stupid move.


Well, I live in California and nothing much surprises me from the politicos here. Yes, a very stupid move. I haven't had much time lately to look into this but I would bet that law was formulated from San Francisco. I'll be nice here and not say what I really think but I'm glad I live far away from that crap. Governor Brown has always been an idiot and his term is coming to an end soon! About the only thing good I can say about him is that he kept the budget balanced. He hasn't done anything else I can think of.

Yes Dan, a stupid move if you ask me!