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I visited blurtit a few moments ago but I did not sign in. There is no activity in the last seven days. I saw some new users. Old users don't ask and don't answer. Users rarely post anything.

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You are right.  Blurtit seems dead, and the few questions that were asked a week ago are very boring.


Hi Kninjanin,

That is sorrowful, to me...I was with Blurtit in some good days, and it was formerly a very nice Q/A site. As you know, I had very high hopes for the Internet at one time, where people from all over the world could communicate and get to know different cultures and understand, help each other.


One big reason for blurtit's problem is that the owner could care less about the site. I found that out first hand and got booted for getting on him about the spam and trash there. I looked at the "Discover" page a while back and it was nothing but spam.

I have also noticed that the old users only talk amongst themselves and answer no one else's questions.

They don't update the site for weeks at a time and just leave the spam. It used to take me two hours every morning to update it and clean out the spam. Totally burned me out.

Most have went to a silly little Disney type site where they can all gab with each other and I looked at it and didn't see one intelligent question.

Skunky Stinkerson Rooster

the spam has gotten so much worse, and much more provocative.. i've been on the site for a few weeks now, and i've seen a question about Call Girl Spam, and most shocking, a spammer asked a question about where to buy counterfeit money, the spammer posted in the answer section several websites of where to buy counterfeit money, passports, car license, id's etc.. 

Rooster Rooster

@Skunky : Geez, it's that bad? Isn't there any moderation there at all anymore?

What a shame as it was once a thriving site with intelligent questions and fun to be had also.

Virginia Rooster

Dear Skunky, you were one of the fine contributors on Blurtit; I appreciated and enjoyed your postings very much; so sorry Blurt went downhill like it did...:(


Owner banned some users because they complain about spammers. I got an answer on Askerpick.