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South Indian states share of the population shrinks every year and the Indian government decided to cut the number of MPs and revenue share to South India despite south India contributes more to the Indian economy.

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There seem to be North-South divides in the regional interests of many countries.  :(

I wasn't aware of this one in India.

Dan TheOtherTink

It seems every region situated near the sea has an economic advantage than the ones which are landlocked. Since trade becomes easier near the coast.  


Sounds like some of the regions in the U.S.

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Dear Dan,

I watched only the first seven minutes, but the situation in India is sorrowful, especially in light of the pondering I currently do about the USA economy...

And, since we talked here on SOLVED about states worldwide trying to secede, I have been looking closer at the Spanish state of Catalan. Spain central government there has been VERY high-handed, and part of the problem is that Catalan is wealthy and their wealth is getting drained off to support poorer areas.

In theory, I do have a solution, but it is not always easy or even possible. And that is, first you arrange the economy so that greed is unable to take control of the government, and there is enough productivity for everyone's basic needs. Then you cultivate a feeling of oneness across the country, and get everyone's support for giving the poorer areas better access to education and opportunity.

I do think we had that kind of national unity in the USA for a while; where taxes from wealthier areas could go to poverty-stricken Appalachia or Mississippi and everyone nationwide was glad for that. We don't have that kind of national spirit now, and it is tragic. And birth control is definitely a concern here, too!

So I am sorry for the situation in India. Did you watch the whole program, and did the newscasters ever propose a good solution for India?