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Sister Bernadette and Sister Mary, two Irish nuns, are driving alone out in the boonies when they run out of gas. Fortunately, they are able walk to a gas station not far away, where they ask to purchase a can of petrol.

“I’m sorry, sister,” says the attendant, “I can sell you the petrol, but all I have for you to carry it in is an old chamber pot.”

The nuns agree that this will be ok, and return to their car. As they are pouring the gasoline into the tank, two farmers tilling the field across the road stop their labor and watch in amazement.

One says to the other, "Sure'n, Paddy, if what them sisters are doin' works, I'll never miss another Sunday mass again! "

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Ah the power of prayer...even if we still cannot change water into wine yet!

But urine into gasoline would also cause some jaws to drop.  :O :angel: :ermm: :) :P :D

Virginia Virginia

Ummm...yeah, and handy two...free pint or so of gasoline every day...ima still go for the wine though, I think Tink!

I'm with you, Virginia.  Wine tastes a whole lot better, and its market value is a whole lot more per gallon than gasoline, even cheap wine!  :P


:D :D :D :D

Yes, turning urine into gasoline would be quite the feat! I may even go to church if that was true.......maybe. LOL  :D