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Now women can drive the car in specific areas, there is a new movie theater, WWE will be hosted on Saudi Arabia. These all changes are made by the new Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman. What direction is the Saudi heading towards. Will Saudi Arabia be a liberal society?


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I doubt Saudi Arabia will ever be a liberal society but these are some of the first steps to equality in that country. I'm sure there will be a few more changes to come but that's probably it. For a country with such strict laws and rules? They'll bend some of them but with all of the princes that country seems to have, I don't think it will last nor will they ever be that liberal.

These new changes are great or the Saudi people but will they last till the next prince comes to power?


I'll be impressed when they let me wrestle there, like I do here on weekends.  :) :D


(I'm the one on top.) :D :D :D


Female drivers! :blink: 

I doubt the world is ready for that!

Bilderesultat for female drivers saudi arabia


Dan, do we know yet how the country is accepting all this change? It looks like we are going to find out if Saudi Arabia can make liberal changes!