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It is a Q&A website.

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Yes, I have a little, a long time ago. You can ask questions on other users profile (directly or anonymously) and vice-versa.

Kninjanin Dan

I saw a few years ago that someone used it. I registered but I was not active.


No, I never heard of it before now.


I heard about it years ago when I was on Ask.com. I heard it was a pretty rowdy site for teens. Don't know if it's still that way but I sure heard the nasty stories about that place. At the time, it was owned by Russians and anything went through. A lot of bullying and cussing but this is from people who joined it but only used it briefly and left after being bullied and such. No thank you.

You know, Kninjanin, that you could always join Amir ite and you might like it there.

Kninjanin Rooster
Admin from Amirite don't send me a registration link, I don't know why.
It is possible that people were bullied. It is hard toΒ  avoid bullying on Internet.
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@Kninjanin: Try again and I'll tell the head person there about it. She's good at getting things done. Plenty of laughable drama but no bullying. Tell me if you try again. I was a mod there for a while. Just don't have time for it.


Kninjanin, I have not used that one. If you do get on it and end up liking it, please do let us know your impressions!Β :)