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Tink, my laptop could not open THE ATLANTIC link...however I found another link quoting it: “What will become of human consciousness if its own explanatory power is surpassed by AI, and societies are no longer able to interpret the world they inhabit in terms that are meaningful to them?” asked Kissinger in the piece.

Also, For Kissinger, there are three particular areas humans should be worried about: “unintended results,” where AI’s goals depart from its creators; building an ethical AI; and whether AI will be able to explain its objectives to its creators.

Here is a classic example of unintended results: tasking AI with removing email spam; and the best way to do this? Erasing humans.

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Here is my own recent brush with AI, and it was negative. At Fred Meyer, Inc., a large West Coast chain of stores, I tried to pay with a check. I have written checks there many times with no problem, and have no history of bounced checks at all, anywhere. However, I did not fit the new algorithms for "safe" check writing, so my check was mysteriously refused. I rushed home worried about identity theft...but my bank account was fine.

It was AI fingering me based on algorithms, and there is of course no appeal. The department store experience was nothing more than inconvenient, however is this a sign of the future, and things-to-come that really cripple one's life?

TheOtherTink Virginia

Yes, Virginia, it could be, especially as humans will get lazier and lazier, becoming increasingly dependent on their machines, which, when and if they develop a consciousness of their own...


AI is controlled by humans and humans can avoid undesired problems with AI. 

TheOtherTink Kninjanin

Yes, but someday humans may lose control, especially after machines become able to think much better than humans.


If AI isn't completely kept under strict control? We won't have a chance should it make a larger mistake than the one that Virginia dealt with. It's OK to have it for many things and I find it very useful in the gaming industry as it helps me out quite a bit. But it also makes mistakes that one of of humans has to reset and correct. I worry more about what kind of disaster it could make out of too much control. This old movie could be a harbinger of things to come or could come!

TheOtherTink Rooster

Yes, Rooster, but how would it be possible to keep them under strict control after they are able to think and perform much better than any human?  It would be like chimps trying to control humans.

Virginia Rooster

Rooster at first I did not notice the trailer was from a 1983 movie! The concept is both intriguing and really scary, too much like a prediction...

Rooster Rooster

@ Tink : Exactly my point.