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I have never seen such a great book butchered on film like this. Not even close to the book!

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May 22 in Movies by Rooster (10,804 points)

Fahrenheit 451. Ray Bradbury 1953. Some references but the rest was junk.

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Virginia May 22

Hi Rooster, I have not seen the current movie, however in 1966 I watched the original make directed by François Truffaut. It had Julie Christie and Oscar Werner...then, I thought its dystopian theme was so far out there as to be impossible, rather ridiculous.

Now, regarding the original theme...I am not so sure it is so ridiculous after all...our current emphasis on PC extreme...

Based on your evaluation I will NOT watch the current movie. However, I would be interested if you have any comments as to what is going on with the recent movie?

Rooster Virginia May 23

@Virginia: I've seen the older movie and read the book and the only familiarity between the book and this lousy movie was the burning of the books. Really hard to follow and just so far away from the real story that it isn't worth the time to watch. It actually didn't make much sense and if someone watched it that hadn't read the book or seen the older movie? They wouldn't have a clue as to what it was about nor the message that Bradbury tried to convey in his vision of the future.

Virginia Virginia May 23

Rooster, I might read the book now...just yesterday Tink was talking about a "PC movement"...interesting you should mention this story just at this time.

TheOtherTink May 22

I read the book, but I have not seen either movie.  Based on your review, I don't think I'll go see the recent one.

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