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I own 2 laptops which are 7 years old and both have faults and damaged. Ordered Dell Inspiron 15 7577 Laptop and I will receive it tomorrow (excited). It costs $1000 to $1349 in the USA but in India, I have to pay $1615.96 (got it in an offer) but the original price is $1762.

One of my current laptops has 3GB Ram, 14.1-inch screen, no graphics card, Intel dual-core (2 cores), 400GB HDD, 1280x800 TN display (glare).

The new one has 16GB Ram, 15.6-inch screen, NVidia 1060 Max Q graphics card, Intel i7 (4 cores) with hyperthreading (kind of like 8 cores but not actually 8 cores), 256 GB SSD+1TB HDD, Thunderbolt port, 1920x1080 IPS (Anti-glare, better color accuracy).

I use to open a lot of tabs in chrome, now with the new PC, the old tabs won't refresh even with 100s of tabs. Only concern is the power consumption. The new PC will consume a lot of electricity than my old laptop due to its graphics card and other components inside.

I guess you don't have an outdated PC if you have then you can buy a new one. The cost of PCs/electronics are cheaper in the USA than India and also the monthly earnings are a lot higher in the USA. I guess 10 days earnings = a high performing budget gaming laptop.

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My PC is less than a year old and is quite a good unit. With a 27" monitor? It works great for the graphics and gaming design work that I do. It's quite a unit and I always look for ways to improve it when I can.

ASUS G11CD, IntelCore i5 -6400 GPU. 2.70 ghz, 12 GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB Ram.


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I have a 3GB RAM on one of my laptop and a 2GB RAM on the other one. I also have another 2 GB RAM spare. The new one has 16 GB and an additional slot for expanding (up to 32 GB). I'm wondering whether to plug a 2GB or the 3GB RAM on the additional slot and how useful it is. Also, I'm not sure where plugging an additional RAM would just increase power consumption over the performance since 16GB is enough for most tasks. I don't usually play games, but I would download some games and play on the new one.
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@ Dan: I think 16 GB is plenty for everything. I would leave it as it is if it were mine. Looks like a nice new fast set up to me.

I not only play the games, I help design DLC's and such and do much of the Graphic work. Very enjoyable!

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I won't carry my laptop anywhere. I just use it on my home. I don't get power cuts, but there might be a short powercut (like a minute for every 24 hours). Also, there will be powercut for like 7 hours once every 50 days. Will the laptop lose its charge sooner if it is plugged in? Now my question is, can I just unplug the battery from my laptop and use it during the power cut (which happens once every 50 days)? (or) is there a way to just use the power from the wall without removing the laptop battery, without affecting the laptop battery performance?
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@ Dan: Since I've never owned a laptop? It's hard for me to say but maybe this article I found will give you some ideas. If not? I'll ask my Tech guru your question and see what he says.

Should I keep my laptop plugged in while I use it? | Grist


We mostly get cheap HP desktops (about $400), and have a laptop only for travel. Yes, no problems with specs, but our needs are simple.

The one I am on now is old and slow. The other one, some else is borrowing, isn't the greatest either, but usually, it is faster than the one I am on now.