Do you believe these homework stats?

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Jun 20 in Education ✍ by TheOtherTink (21,191 points)

US students study a lot more than students in Japan and Germany? I doubt it.

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Rooster Jun 21

I agree! I would think the U.S. would be at the bottom of that list unless you include studying laptops and Smartphones.

Virginia Jun 21

Tink Bloomberg seems to be one of the sites (sigh) now excluding old computers so I cannot open it.

However, ;) from past experience I am guessing that if YOU & ROOSTER don't believe the stats, I prolly don't neither! :)

Rooster Virginia Jun 21

@Virginia : Maybe this one will open for you. Quite the difference in stats!

Homework Around the World - Blog -

Virginia Virginia Jun 21

Rooster, yes! I can often open blogs because they are typically simpler...and this article was amazing. Japan, only 3.8 hours of homework per week, and they are #2 in Best Education System, right after S. Korea...

Maybe you recall Rathkeale, she was on both Ask and Blurt!t? Anyway...she is a retired educator in Canada with STRONG DEFINITIVE good sense/advice, and on Qu0ra she told us that she NEVER gave homework. And I would bet my hat-and-all that she turned out excellent students...

Rooster Virginia Jun 22

@Virginia : Yes, I do remember her quite well. Very nice and intelligent lady. I bet she did turn out some of the best students that Canada has!

Virginia Virginia Jun 22


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