U.S. Democrats becoming real socialists?

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Kninjanin asked recently why some U.S. Democrats only pretend to be socialists.  Maybe that's changing?


"Socialist Bernie Sanders is unquestionably the spiritual leader of the Democratic party, which is radicalizing itself in his image, and on the strength of her blowout Democratic-primary win over liberal incumbent Joe Crowley in the party-ruled NY-14 congressional district, soon-to-be-congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now one of the most prominent faces in the Democratic party. A poll last fall put support for socialism at 44 percent among Millennials, and even more disturbingly, 23 percent of this group agreed that Joseph Stalin is a “hero.” Socialized medicine, i.e., Medicare for all, is the hottest issue on the Left (unless you count hating Trump as an 'issue')."

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Kninjanin Jun 29

They try to get votes from workers. 

Rooster Jun 29

I agree very much. The more I see of this stuff going on, the more I think they're socialists. Never thought much of Sanders before and I think less of him now. The Democrats are constantly bitching about Trump and I told one yesterday to just quit bitching and do something about it. Join a movement or the old fashioned way, write to your Congressperson and tell them instead of making a fool of yourself constantly complaining on a site.I'm wondering where this is all going to end up!

Anyone from any party who thinks Josef Stalin was a hero is really delusional! 

59 Terrifying Facts about Joseph Stalin | FactRetriever

Virginia Jun 30

Okay Tink...some thoughts...

It is difficult to find information on Bismarck on YouTube, but in this regard I really noticed; when Germany was just getting unified, there was a strong socialism movement. Bismarck really disapproved of socialism, so what he did was bring in national health care and national pensions! (Or something like that...you may well know this more accurately than me. ;))

ANYWAY, in my new-found expertise of reading up on all this for One Whole Year now :angel:, I am becoming convinced that a stable democracy really requires a strong working class, a thriving middle class...hopefully a great deal of overlap there...

This that we now have is not working. Pushing old people into homelessness and death, pushing working classes onto the streets where they develop a drug/crime culture and then pass that on to the next generation(s)...and getting worse QUICK.

* * *

Let's do a Bismarck, or something...our economic system is gamed to push wealth upwards and now I am not even sure whether capitalism is the problem, but whatever it is not sustainable. I like Bernie, does he have the wisdom for all this? idk...is there anyone who does?...idk.

(Whew...out of breath after all that...I think I need some tea...:silly:)

Rooster Virginia Jun 30

@Virginia: I wish we had a Bismarck right now! The pickings are pretty slim out there right now for someone to actually unite the country and let the people flourish.

Virginia, have you watched this discussion on Bismarck? It's really excellent.

Virginia Virginia Jun 30

Tink I have not seen that one! I found only two on Bismarck that I thought had any degree of thoroughness as well as credibility, both recently uploaded. But I missed this one...looking forward to an acquaintance with him, across time and space so to speak...

* * *

Are you familiar with the saying that "Bismarck made Germany great, but the Germans small"...?

I think the idea was that Bismarck's leadership was so strong that the people's voices as individuals were downplayed. Can you relate to that concept, and perhaps place it in the context of the times, i.e., this remarkable unification of German states under Prussian leadership?

Virginia Virginia Jun 30

Rooster, I have to believe that it will somehow happen (unite the country and let the people flourish) this country USA has been through SO much, I understand that more and more as I learn more about the intricacies of our history...and we have always been able to return and keep our focus of freedom/justice/pursuit of happiness...

* * *

I would say it could come from the people ourselves, but these folks with their post-modernism, snowflake PC, and mindless SJW...I never dreamed something like this could become such great numbers...or maybe they're not so many after all, but just make lots of noise?

Things do NOT seem to be going in a good direction at Evergreen State College, and apparently other colleges/universities are being co-opted.

Virginia, I haven't heard that quote, but I am familiar with Goethe's: "I have often felt a bitter pang at the thought of the German people, so estimable as individuals and so wretched in the whole."

Virginia Virginia Jul 1

Have not known of that from Goethe, will ponder...

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