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I can think of a couple right off! How about you?

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I can think of a few as well. I don't thinks it's as much the site as it is the members. Members are what can ruin a site. As far as the mods. i've seen some good ones and not so good ones as well with upper management, 

A recent case on one site was a member who stole a young girls identity and lead everyone to believe her lies until a little over a year ago, myself and another member found out about he/his/it's lies. They finally got booted only after FBI report was sent to the owner, 


Mark!!!!  :D


THAT is amazing...and scary...

dru tiger

I don't know what is scarier, the identity theft, or you having so much time on your hands to be able to dig into other's private lives.


Yep, liberals love their cover-ups.  

Just ask Hillary or the DNC.  :D

dru tiger

nyuk, nyuk, nyuk

See the source image

dru tiger

Sure you do big boy.

See the source image


@ Dru : Actually he does. When asked by people and I have time? My good friend and I can dig through the dark web and he can find just about anything or anyone. We found the identity theft!

dru tiger

Rooster, the only reason he is loaded for bear when it comes to Tiffanee is that he thought she was interested in him and they engaged in a cyber affair which he thought would translate to the real deal.

If I have embarrassed him, so well. He has never had a problem embarrassing me.

As much as I am shocked and angered by what "Tiffanee" did, (I just found out) I still have trouble with people looking into other people's background. Nobody is safe from the prying eyes of anybody who might have a beef with someone, and that does not sit well with me.

Hope all is well with you. I consider you a friend and your presence is sorely missed. :)


@Dru : Hey there. I'm doing fine and I'm happy working with the software company as a game developer. It's kind of what I wanted to do anyway. I'm glad to be gone from there, Dru. I'm at peace now.

My son ran into Starz on Similar Worlds and she called me some rotten names. Just breaks my heart! :D

Don't miss the drama. This is my sanctuary site! 

dru tiger

Yeah, ugly pic of me. Isn't that what you said about Starz? Only thing is sunshine, ain't no pics out there. But you being "the man" who has all of the connections should know that one. But I do remember the one you put up on SH, like the dumb ass that you are, and had to take it down right away. Everybody and their dog jumped that photo of you.

 Hate to break it to you, but Peapod wants you to stop using her name. In other words, stop hiding behind people. They are not interested in being a part of your insane drama. Peapod has gone on with her life and suggests that you do the same. 

And once again,sorry to break it to you genius, but Peapod and I only knew one another for seven months so I don't know where you get this two year crap.

Yeah, you had the hots for Tiff and was mad as hell when you found out that she was a man. You honestly thought she had the same feelings for you,... LMAO!!

Now go away Marky Mark. You don't have any businesses, you don't wear a suit to work, and you don't "know" people. You are just a little man who posts all day long on social media. Get a life.

dru tiger

Tiffanee wasn't fat, dummy. You really don't know what you are talking about.

Where's the photo, freak show? Come on, big man, put up or shut up. No telling whose photo you have, and the fact that you are hanging onto it makes you one disturbing pyscho.

Now don't be going on about Tiffanee, because you are also the biggest phony there is.

"Rooster's not interested in me" Never thought he was, sunshine. For you see, unlike you, I don't have fantasies about people I meet online.

Why the hell would I, or anybody else, want to find you? And if we really wanted to find you, it wouldn't be hard. Just check out all of the social sites, like Amirite, I've Solved, Similar Worlds, and any other that makes your lonely life complete.

You don't have any career or any businesses. You are truly sad, and frankly, quite boring.


Facebook, Gab, Blurtit, Tango

They are full of scammers and spammers. Many users like to insult. 


Rooster every site I have been on, you have been there also...I started a tiny bit on Am-rite, wasn't too sure about it and then you and Tink mentioned it was not as good as you originally hoped...

The best one to me was Blurt, before the downhill changes. I did okay on Ask, but 40% of my answers were getting deleted (you already know this) because I post controversial things and so many downvotes were triggering the AI moderating system. Anyway, Ask was where I stayed the longest.

* * *

There was another one after Blurt both Didge and I really tried, you did too...finally just too much profanity for me, along with downgrading of women. There actually was a special section for adult content, but the obscene folks did not like it because "nobody was going there."

...so I think they finally convinced the owner that to grow her site, she needed to let them post their adult comments in the main section.

I really tried to stay there, but finally the deal-breaker was a conversation discussing cunnilingus in ways very derogatory toward women. It was all in slang, but I am old and been around the block and I understood it clearly...maybe others did not...I sent the link to the owner, and she sent back a snippy answer...I bailed! So for me, that may have been the worst website.

TheOtherTink Virginia

Virginia, there does seem to be a very rotten underbelly to many of these websites... reminds me of Washington politics.... :sick:

Virginia Virginia

Indeed, Other Tink. :sick:

dru tiger

One site made the top five. 'Am I right'?

dru tiger

I sent you a PM on Amirite saying that we should ignore each other, But you couldn't help yourself huh?

I can go on forever Dru ... You want this to stop, do not reply or talk to me on any sites. Just stay away 

dru tiger dru tiger

I wish it was different, but Choozler is awful IMO.

None are great, but I'm fairly new to this opinion site experience (less than a year old), except for a combined time of a week or two on the old Sodahead.


@ Howling Mutt : Howdy Howler! :D


SH was the best. :)

Hi Rooster!..Just checkin' out the site for the first time.

Didn't care much for AnswerMug.  Ugh.  :)


Same here with AnswerMug.

Rooster TheOtherTink

I didn't care much for answermug either. S.O.S.!


Hey Rooster, how come my previous reply to you shows me actually replying to myself?

And this reply is doing the same thing.

Rooster TheOtherTink

@ Howler: I never have figured that one out either! :D

Virginia TheOtherTink

amen to that, Sister Tink and I stayed on there (AnswerMug) as long as I could and really tried to get it to work.

Am I Rite
Rooster WhisperingAngel