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This is important...


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I didn't even know what a cockwomble is, until I looked it up a moment ago.

But it doesn't matter that I missed the March 15 awareness day... I'm aware of them every day I'm on the internet.  :) :D


Ha! I had to look it up also and chuckled and like Tink? I'm aware of them as they are on the Net every day.

I just left a site that was full of them! Especially the obnoxious ones!

Can't mark that as a special day as I see it almost every day. Not much now though since I started working for Fury Software. No time for grabass or BS there when we are working together!



I had no idea what it was, I had to look that up....I come across people like that daily

Virginia WhisperingAngel

Hi W&W, yes this site is VERY educational...I actually had no idea either but it's a wonderful addition to our vocabulary, eh? :D

Hi Virginia, yes this site does seem to be educational, lol

Virginia WhisperingAngel

;)  :D