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What about Brexit?

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Jul 15 in News & Informations ⌨ by Virginia (7,565 points)

Huge controversy in the UK, and here are a couple of points in which I take special interest, if you might like to comment?

1. Who has the authority to implement Brexit? Here is an article about a lady lawyer who has successfully challenged Brexit without authorization from Parliament - which apparently difficult to obtain. And now she is getting death threats...reminds me of USA! (Wan smile...) Well, we also in USA are questioning the right of recent presidents (that's plural, not just this last one) to issue fiat to get things done?

2. Will Brexit actually help the UK? Or is it something like the Trump election (as I am guessing) the only way common folk have to say no, the business-as-usual is unacceptable we want something authentic?

3. What is the difference between "soft" Brexit and "hard" Brexit? They use these terms but do not explain very well I thought!

3 Answers

Rooster Jul 18

I have to agree with Tink here as I work with about 6 Brits and anytime that we've had any private discussions? All have endorsed Brexit. For some of the reasons that Tink said and also that they no longer wish to be that closely tied to Europe. They seem to think that it only benefits the rich business owners and some in the government.

Not a subject I have a lot of knowledge about but all have mentioned that the immigration problem grows worse by the day. What the two have in common? I wouldn't know. Sorry.

Virginia Rooster Jul 18

Thank you, Rooster.

Kninjanin Jul 16

The UK government implement Brexit. I don't see who ither would do it.

I think that UK will lose nothing. The UK will be eliberated from the EU restrictions.

Virginia Kninjanin Jul 16

Thank you very much, Kninjanin...for clear direct answer.

TheOtherTink Jul 18

I think Brexit happened for much the same reason Trump was elected:  disgust at the know-it-all, corrupt ruling class.

Thank you Tink...

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