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Many people want to have privacy on Internet but they upload every photo and video they have on social networks. They must publish where they are or were. Someone always have access to private data on Internet because data are stored in some centers. The only solution to protect privacy is not posting private information and discuss some general topics on internet. 

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There is not any privacy on internet.


No, there is no privacy on the internet, even in supposedly private e-mails.

That's why I never say anything online that I would not want everyone in the world to potentially know about.

I agree with Tink as there is no real privacy on the Net. I try my best to keep any personal info down to a bare minimum because I know that it will be seen by someone and usually end up in my Spam folders.

There is also reason to believe that at least one site that I know of that the mods and management can read your supposed PM's to each other.

There is no privacy! It's like an open book!