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Yes I do. Every day. I use it mainly for work as the other developers are mostly European and Canadians. I have to keep in contact every day.

I also have couple of friends who have moved to other states that I keep in contact with.

The newest version that comes with Windows 10 is pretty good and I don't have much of any trouble with it.

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I installed Skype Lite for Android. I search users without a phone number. Do you see spammers on Skype? 

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@ Kninjanin : No, I never see any ads or spam on there. On the PC version? You can shut down any of the bots that will come up and that's usually where the ads come from.

Windows 10 comes with Skype already installed and the newest version is the best one. It updates every time there is a Windows update.

I know one person who installed it on a Kindle and they have no ads either.

My tech friend told me that you can block any spam that shows up just like you would a person that you don't know. Just click on the block feature and also report it as abuse when you do and they will be gone for good.


I use it rarely, and then only with family members.

Not that I know of.